Why is so much vegetarian meat made to taste like real meat

Why Is So Much Vegetarian Food Made To Taste Like Meat

Plant-based and faux meatless meats have become very popular but, why are so many of these products made to taste just like meat.

There have been many different vegetarian foods created to replace meat-like veggie burgers, soy nuggets, and tofu.

In recent years there has been an influx of “faux meat” products that taste and look just like the real thing.

Plant-Based meats are appealing to vegetarians switching to a vegetarian diet and meat-eaters looking for additional options. Although, there is a lot of demand for vegetarian meat many vegetarians are not interested in eating food that tastes like meat.

Why Do Vegetarians Eat Food That Tastes Like Meat

Many vegetarians haven’t always been vegetarian.

The majority of vegetarians were meat-eaters like me at one point in time and have transitioned to a vegetarian diet due to our feelings regarding animal life and slaughtering.

Eating meat is a habit for a lot of people. Many of us grow up eating meat and meat filled meals that are based around meat being the focus of the meal.

Do Vegetarians Want Foods That Taste Like Meat

There are many vegetarians that still enjoy the flavor and texture of meat while still wishing to not consume animal products.

Are Plant-Based Meats A Good Food For Someone Becoming A Vegetarian

It can be challenging if you are transitioning from being a meat-eater to a vegetarian.

Most people are used to certain foods and have their favorites which may be based around meat. For me, it was a classic burger or a meatball sub that left me wanting meat.

It wasn’t really the meat that I craved but the overall flavors and food experience of those foods.

Plant-based meats that are made to look like, taste like, and feel like meat are an easy swap for someone in this phase.

Do Vegetarians Like Eating Food That Tastes Like Meat

Not all vegetarians want to eat foods that look and taste like meat.

Some vegetarians no longer find the look, smell, and textures of meat appealing.

Others have chosen vegetarianism as a way to be healthy and eat less processed foods.

Plant-Based “faux meats” are highly processed foods.

Why do vegetarians eat food that tastes like meat

How Often Do Vegetarians Eat Fake Meats

The majority of vegetarians rarely consume fake meat products if at all.

This is a drastic comparison to the majority of meat-eaters who at least consume one portion of meat a day.

Are Plant-Based Meat Products Made For Vegetarians

The plant-based meat industry has grown rapidly in the past couple of years with more and more products becoming available that look and taste just like meat.

Is it possible that these new “faux meat” products are not made for vegetarians?

The companies that are creating plant-based meat products are marketing to the mainstream customer regardless if they are a meat-eater or vegetarian.

Every company creating plant-based meats is trying to fill in that category of products and compete among the rest for the business of both vegetarian and meat-eaters.

Trying to mimic the look and taste of meat makes it appealing for those on the fence about meat-eating and being a vegetarian and well as those looking for alternatives to animal products, without giving up their favorite foods.

Are Plant-Based Meats Better Than Real Meat

There has been a lot of talk and studies in recent years about the negatives of eating a lot of meat products.

In come plant-based meats to save the day and replace everyone’s questionable meat products.

Many people want to eat better and plant-based meat is being marketed as a better choice when compared with real meat.

Are they really?

Personally, If I was a meat-eater I would eat the real thing in moderation instead of consuming plant-based meats.

Plant-based meat products are highly processed foods. I would question the long-term effects of eating these foods often.

How Do They Make Vegetarian Food Taste Like Meat

The majority of meat doesn’t have a lot of flavor on its own, it’s generally how the meat is prepared that brings out the meat flavors that we are so familiar with.

There are a couple of different ways that companies make plant-based meats taste more like the real thing.


Many of the same seasonings that are often used to season meat are used in faux meat products.

Some of the most common ones include onions, garlic, soy, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, and salt,

Adding Cooked Flavors

If you’ve ever had a barbeque you know exactly what I am referring to.

Roasted, grilled, and smokey flavor agents are added to the meatless faux meat foods in order to give it the classic cooked meat flavor.

DO vegetarians like eating food that tastes like meat

Why Is Vegetarian Meat Often More Expensive Than Real Meat

There is currently a high demand for plant-based meat products causing the companies that make these foods to work overtime in order to meet the demands.

Due to the high demand, these companies are able to charge as much as they would like for the products as long as customers continue to purchase them.

I foresee the price of plant-based meats lowering in the future as the demand levels out and decreases.

How Long Did It Take To Create Plant-Based Meats

We’ve had veggie burgers and soy nuggets available for many years but, the introduction of a burger that looks and tastes so similar to the real thing is a new addition.

The Beyond Burger company specifically worked on their formulation for over six years with three different formulations of the product before having it enter into the food market.

Do Impossible Burgers Taste Like Real Meat

Impossible burgers tastes very similar to real meat. Impossible burger has had success creating a natural “gamey” meat flavor with a meat-like texture.

I prefer the thin style Impossible burgers found at Burger King compared to the thicker style burgers, which can feel too heavy.

Do Beyond Burgers Taste Like Real Meat

Beyond Burgers taste very similar to meat. The Beyond Burger Company has even created their burgers to “bleed” just like meat.

Which Plant-Based Burger Tastes More Like Real Meat

Both Impossible Meat and Beyond Burger have created products that are so similar to meat that many people can’t tell the difference between real meat and plant-based meat products.

In my opinion, Impossible Meat tastes more like real meat due to the “gamey” flavor that is found in meat.

As a vegetarian, I actually prefer the Beyond Meat products because I find the “gamey” flavor offputting.

What Does Meatless Meat Taste Like

Depending on the meatless meat product that you have selected it may taste and look just like meat or may have its own flavors and textures.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of debate over plant-based meats or faux meats that are made to look and taste like the real thing.

Many people enjoy having the availability of foods that mimic meat if they are no longer consuming animal products.

Others are not interested in eating overly processed food products regardless of the flavor and find faux meats offputting.

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