Thanksgiving Sandwich

Thanksgiving Sandwich – The Best Way To Enjoy Thanksgiving Leftovers

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I’m not sure about you but, enjoying a sandwich filled with Thanksgiving leftovers is one of my favorite ways to celebrate the Holiday Season. The ease of putting together that delicious sandwich is such a reward after all of the preparations for the big meal.

This vegetarian Thanksgiving sandwich includes your standards of stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mashed potatoes. Where is goes the extra mile is the addition of thin tofu slices prepared in the cranberry sauce marinade. The perfect ciabatta rolls are lightly toasted and spread with cranberry mayo, and, the potatoes are made into golden pan-fried patties.

Fun Thanksgiving Sandwich Facts

The Thanksgiving Sandwich has become a popular seasonal menu item across the US in recent years. This sandwich has actually been a staple in New England for decades. I can vouch for this being an Ex-New Englander. It’s a very popular year-round and often goes by the name of Pilgrim or gobbler.

Paula Marcoux, a food historian located in Plymouth, MA says her best guess is that the sandwich emerged sometime after World War II, which was the earliest period during which she could find a published recipe for it. It’s speculated that the sandwich originated in Southeastern Massachusetts, maybe even Cape Cod.

Vegetarian Sandwich – Thanksgiving Ingredients

  • Tofu- I’ve made Thanksgiving leftover sandwiches without the tofu and they are equally delish. The tofu adds a nice almost “turkey” texture to the sandwich and some protein to balance out all of the glorious carbs.
  • Ciabatta Rolls- The bread is really flexible. I choose ciabatta for this recipe because the rolls are fun
  • Mashed Potatoes- Good old mashed potatoes. There is always some leftovers from Thanksgiving Dinner.
  • Stuffing- Yum, Stuffing is one of my favorites. Same with the mashed potatoes you will always have some leftover.
  • Cranberry Sauce- You can use any cranberry sauce. I love using my homemade sauce.
  • Mayo- Mayo adds really nice moist and creamy textures to the sandwich. Also, a classic condiment for a Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich.
Thanksgiving Sandwich

Thanksgiving Sandwich Price Breakdown

Pantry Ingredients

  • Butter – $ .10
  • Mayo – $.10

Fresh Ingredients

  • Ciabatta Rolls- $2.77
  • Cranberry Sauce- $0 (Leftovers)
  • Stuffing- $0 (leftovers)
  • Mashed Potatoes – $0 (leftovers)
  • Tofu $1.32

Total Price

For 6 servings this recipe totals $ 4.29

The per serving price is $ .72

Thanksgiving Sandwich – The Perfect Way To Enjoy Thanksgiving Leftovers

Recipe by Sara – Course: MainDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time



The most delicious way to enjoy your Thanksgiving Leftovers.


  • 6 – Ciabatta Rolls

  • Leftover Mashed Potatos

  • Leftover Stuffing

  • 3 tbs Leftover Cranberry Sauce

  • 2 tbs Mayo

  • 1 block Extra Firm Tofu (need 12 slices)

  • 1 tbs Butter


  • Thinly slice the tofu
  • Marinate the tofu in 1 tbs of cranberry sauce
  • Mix 2tbs of cranberry sauce with the mayo
  • Spread the butter on the rolls and lightly toast in the frying pan
  • Make mashed potatoes into sandwich sized patties and pan fry
  • Reheat the stuffing if needed
  • Pan fry the tofu slices
  • Spead the cranberry mayo onto both slices of the bread
  • Assemble the sandwich with the tofu on the bottom, mashed potato pattie stuffing, and more cranberry sauce if wanted