Vegans vs vegetarians

Do Vegans Look Down On Vegetarians

Vegans and vegetarians are not the same and don’t necessarily live by the same beliefs with vegetarians still consuming some animal products, does that make vegans look down on vegetarians?

Each person regardless of being vegetarian or vegan has a different lifestyle based on different beliefs and choices. You may come across some vegans that look down on vegetarians whereas others don’t view vegetarians in a negative way.

How Do Vegans View Vegetarians

In general, vegans do not view vegetarians any differently than they would anyone else.

Of course, every person is different and there are plenty of people vegan or not who judge others for their choices of lifestyle.

Do Vegans Hate Vegetarians

Vegans do not hate vegetaraians.

It’s unfair to speak for all vegans with such a bold statement.

I am sure there are some vegans that hate vegetarians and others that do not care about someone else’s lifestyle and dietary choices.

Why Would A Vegan Look Down On A Vegetarian

Although both vegans and vegetarians have removed some or all of the animal products from their diets they are not as similar as you would think.

Veganism is a full lifestyle that revolves around protecting animals and making sure they are treated ethically.

Vegetarians choose to not consume animal products for a variety of reasons and some don’t include animal treatment.

Since vegans and vegetarians are so different vegans may look down on vegetarians because they feel like they are not protecting animals and standing up for the inhumane and unethical treatment of animals.

Do Most Vegans Like Vegetarians

You may find some vegans that view vegetarians in a negative manner but, it will depend on each individual person.

The majority of vegans are not judgemental towards vegetarians and support their lifestyle as well.

Vegans are aware that although a vegetarian may be consuming some animal products and supporting negative treatments of animals in some cases by buying those products.

Vegetarians are consuming less meat than a meat-eater in the eyes of most vegans which reduced the number of animal lives lost.

Do Vegans Want To Convert Vegetarians

Vegans and vegetarians do have the similarity of reduced animal product consumption.

This is a great jumping point for a conversation about the lifestyles and the choices we make.

I wouldn’t say that most vegans have a mission to convert all vegetarians to vegans but, it is a natural place for a conversation about it and maybe some will convert to a vegan lifestyle.

If someone has chosen a vegetarian lifestyle based on unethical animal treatments it is usually a natural jumping point to transition towards full veganism.

Vegans vs Vegetarians

Do Vegans Sacrifice More Than Vegetarians

A vegan lifestyle is more challenging compared to a vegetarian lifestyle which can make some vegans feel like they are working harder towards their cause compared to vegetarians.

A vegan may or may not view the challenges involved in being vegan as sacrifices because they feel so strongly about their choices and beliefs.

Do Vegans Think Vegetarians Are Selfish

Some vegans may feel like vegetarians are more selfish since they are still consuming some animal products because they like them so much or find it too difficult to eliminate them.

A vegan may come from the viewpoint that if a vegetarian is aware of the mistreatment of animals but, still contributes to the treatment (the egg and dairy industry are just as awful or not worse than the meat industry) that they are selfish.

Do Vegetarians Make Vegans Look Bad

Overall vegetarians do not make vegans look bad since they are also often spreading the word about animal cruelty and just living their lives the best they can.

Being a vegetarian or vegan is an individual choice that’s shouldn’t reflect on other that have chosen a similar lifestyle in that aspect.

Can Vegans And Vegetarians Get Along

I think it’s better to unite on what we have in common instead of focusing on our differences and tearing apart a community of people that often have a similar mindset.

Vegans and vegetarians absolutely should get along and make a difference together.

Final Thoughts

It can be a sensitive topic when we start digging into someone’s lifestyle choices and beliefs especially when it comes down to a person’s diet.

As people, we tend to judge others that are different then ourselves and that view important issues differently.

In the end we are all unique in our own ways and should embrace those differences.

There may be people you don’t agree with and could never imagine living their lifestyle.

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