Does KFC Have Beyond Chicken

Does KFC Still Have Beyond Chicken (Quick Facts)

Beyond Chicken seemed to have arrived and disappeared at KFC faster than you could drive to your nearest location making many confused, does KFC have Beyond Chicken?

KFC introduced the plant-based Beyond Chicken to a sell-out crowd in 2019. A full launch of Beyond Chicken at KFC was set for early 2020. Unfortunately, that launch was only available for a limited time “while supplies last”. Most restaurants quickly sold out.

Does KFC Still Have Beyond Chicken

Unfortunately, at this time KFC is not offering Beyond Chicken.

Beyond Nuggets was a limited-time-only product while the supplies lasted from late 2019 to early 2020.

Where Can I Get Beyond Chicken At KFC

As of late 2022, there are not any KFC locations at sell Beyond Chicken.

How Can I Find A KFC That Sells Beyond Chicken

If you follow KFC on social media you will be able to be kept up to date on the current offerings.

If KFC were to bring back Beyond Chicken they would be spreading the word for everyone to know.

When Did KFC Start Selling Beyond Chicken

KFC Beyond Chicken Nuggets was originally launched as a test in 2019 in Atlanta.

The product was so popular it sold out within five hours.

A second limited-time nationwide launch was offered in January 2020.

When Did KFC Stop Selling Beyond Chicken

KFC stopped selling Beyond Chicken in early 2020.

The introduction of Beyond Nuggets at KFC was only intended to be a limited-time offering.

Does KFC have Beyond Chicken

Why Did KFC Stop Selling Beyond Chicken

Beyond Meat Nuggets at KFC were offered “while supplies last”.

Although, the Beyond Nuggets were extremely popular they weren’t intended to be a permanent menu option.

Will KFC Bring Back Beyond Chicken

KFC may bring back Beyond Chicken in the future.

There seems to be enough of a demand for plant-based chicken products like the Beyond Nuggets at KFC.

Hopefully, for those that do not eat chicken, restaurants like KFC will offer a permanent pant-based option in the future.

Final Thoughts

The Beyond Nuggets at KFC was an extremely popular option that was offered for a limited time only.

Although, the launch was very successful selling out within hours KFC never intended for the Beyond Nuggets to become a permanent fixture on the menu.

Hopefully, in the future KFC will offer more plant-based options.

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