Can Vegans wear Uggs

Can Vegetarians Or Vegans Wear Uggs

Uggs made their claim to fame in the 1990s and have stayed popular since but, can vegetarians or vegans wear Uggs?

Vegans will often not wear any product that was made from the animal industry or has contributed to animal cruelty whereas vegetarians may or may not have the same belief system towards animal by-products including footwear like Uggs.

Can Vegetarians Wear Uggs

Many vegetarians may still wear Uggs where others may not.

Uggs are made from animal materials making them a questionable product for vegetarians.

Can Vegans Wear Uggs

The majority of vegans will not wear Uggs since they are made from animal materials.

What Are Uggs Made Of

Ugg boots are made of sheepskin, lamb, animal fur, leather, suede, and sometimes wool.

Are Ugg Boots Cruel

Does Uggs Treat Animals Badly

Uggs claims that they have a strict animal welfare policy, with all of their suppliers complying with their standards.

The animal products that Uggs uses are not raised directly for the footwear product but, for other purposes with the hides and materials being a by-product of other industries.

Personally, I can only agree somewhat with the whole animal welfare mentality.

Of course, we want all animals to have ethical and humane living conditions regardless of their intended purpose but, these animals are still slaughtered for their meat and skin.

How humane is that after all?

Does Ugg Sell A Vegan Boot

In 2021 Ugg released a new vegan-friendly line of footwear called Plant Powered.

Currently, this line is not listed on its website so, I must wonder if it is discontinued or only offered to limited markets.

Even Though Ugg Has Vegan Footwear Should You Still Buy It

This is a tough question and one that you have to personally think about when you are making a purchase.

Many vegans will not support a company that sells animal products or harm animals regardless of whether they sell a vegan-friendly product.

Can vegetarians wear Uggs

What Are Good Vegan Alternatives To Ugg Boots

PAWJ California

PAWJ prides itself on being a luxury and a cruelty-free company that encompasses the principles of ethical fashion.


BearPaw was founded after a life-changing encounter one day on a mountain.

It must be noted that like Uggs, not all of the products offered by BearPaw are vegan.


VegetarianShoes is a UK-based shoe company that makes completely vegan-friendly footwear.


Dawgs have a large variety of vegan-friendly Ugg and Croc look-alikes.


OnceWIld is a footwear brand based in Australia that makes vegan-friendly Ugg-style footwear.


HumanKind makes premium high-quality vegan footwear, handbags, and accessories.

Are Uggs Made Of Kangaroo Skin

Yes, there are some Ugg designs that are made with Kangaroo skin.

I honestly thought this was a silly topic when I started to research it for this article.

I figure no way is Kangaroo skin used in Ugg boots.

I found out that it is true, some Ugg products are made with “sustainably sourced” kangaroo skin.

How Many Sheep Are Killed To Make Uggs

it’s hard to know an exact number but, Peta notes that over 3 million sheep are slaughtered each spring in Australia for the wool industry.

Regardless of the use, it is a gigantic number of animals being slaughtered for their meat and skin.

Wouldn’t The Sheep Skin Go To Waste If We Didn’t Make The Into Boots

This is a good question.

Companies that make products using animal by-products like hides like giving their customers the impression that they are saving the day by using an animal product that would’ve gone to waste.

Them using these animal by-products gives the animals life another purpose.

This isn’t entirely true, farmers that are producing animals for meat purposes are also producing the animals for their hides and by-products.

It’s all part of their financial reward for their investment.

Farmers often make a large amount of money for these by-products in addition to the meat.

If the by-products weren’t in high demand may be the entire industry wouldn’t be so lucrative.

Are Sheep Tortered To Make Uggs

There are lots of dark and horrible things that happen to animals that are being produced for their meat and other purposes.

Some of the practices like castration without pain medication have become normal farming practices that many have become desensitized to.

If you step back and think about it any animal within the farming industry will be subject to torture before it is ultimately killed.

Final Thoughts

I can get passionate and fired up about these issues when I stop and think about them.

In normal day-to-day life, just like you I often buy and use things that have come from the animal by-product industry.

It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just society until you stop and think about it.

I am at the point in my journey where I do still own some leather products but, I will not buy another product that is made from an animal hide.

That’s just me, as for you I don’t judge.

Live your life the best you can!