can vegan drink coffee

Can Vegetarians Or Vegans Drink Coffee

Starting the day with a warm cup of coffee is a ritual many of us enjoy and require to feel like humans but, can vegetarians or vegans drink coffee?

Coffee is both vegetarian and vegan-friendly but, offers some ethical and environmental concerns to consider. Beyond, the environmental impacts the additions to your morning cup of coffee may not be vegan.

Do Vegetarians Drink Coffee

Many vegetarians drink and enjoy coffee by the mug full.

Of course, just like non-vegetarians, not everyone drinks or even likes coffee.

Being a vegetarian doesn’t usually determine whether a person will drink coffee or not.

Is Coffee Safe For Vegetarians

Coffee is safe for vegetarians as long as you are not consuming more than what is healthy for your body and lifestyle.

Do Vegans Drink Coffee

Determining if a vegan drinks coffee or not is a lot more complicated than it is for vegetarians.

Vegans usually have chosen veganism based on their personal beliefs and values, it’s not usually a dietary choice but, is more of an entire lifestyle.

Coffee itself is considered vegan since it is not an animal product or by-product.

Vegans also refrain from using any product that contributes to cruelty in the inhumane treatment of animals

Why Wouldn’t Vegans Drink Coffee

Since coffee is not an animal product one would easily assume that it would not be an issue for vegans.

Unfortunately, there is a concern to consider.

Coffee used to be grown in shaded areas under larger trees and was the backbone of habitat for many birds and animals.

These shaded coffee plants also never required human intervention or chemicals to thrive.

In 1972 a new hybrid coffee plant was developed that could grow in the sun, making it much easier to pick the coffee beans, as well as producing a much higher yield.

This newer coffee plant and way of growing coffee has caused soil erosion, toxic water runoff, and soil nutrient depletion.

In addition to the soil and water concerns this coffee farming method has caused unsustainable deforestation which has led to a 20% decline in the minority bird population.

These are all concerns that vegans may feel strong enough about stopping drinking coffee.

Is There Vegan Coffee

You can view all coffee except those that are prepackaged with dairy products as vegan.

Another option is to take it a step further and only purchase eco-friendly coffee brands that are more ethical and sustainable.

What Makes Coffee Vegan

Vegan coffee is vegan because it is not an animal product or by-product.

Vegan Coffee Brands

Vegan Cold Brew Brands

Vegan Coffee Beans

It may be better suited to call these coffee brands ethical and sustainable since all coffee is vegan.

Any of these coffees would be a great choice for a vegan or anyone that is concerned with our earth’s environment.

Coffee Mam

Coffee Mam is dedicated to fully shade-grown coffee plants that are produced with organic farming methods and are completely fair trade.

The packaging used for the products at Coffee Mam is also biodegradable.

Higher Ground Roasters

Organically shade-grown fair trade coffee.

Higher Grund Roasters motto is to bring you “Better Beans By Better Means”.

Larry’s Coffee

Larry’s Coffee has been growing sustainable coffee since 1993.

As one of the pioneers of the sustainable coffee industry this organic, shade-grown, and fair-trade coffee is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Ethical Bean

The Ethical Bean is a transparent organic, fair-trade coffee company.

Conscious Coffee

Much like Larry’s Coffee, Conscious Coffee has been around since the early 90s and has been recognized by The B Corp as being the best in the world every year since 2015.

Salt Spring Coffee

A 100% Organic Fair For Life family-owned coffee company that has also been around since the 1990s.

Grumpy Mule

Grumpy Mule is a well-loved UK-based coffee company that is mostly organic and fair trade.

Can vegetarians drink coffee

What Do Vegans Put In There Coffee

Since vegans don’t consume dairy products, you may wonder what a vegan would put in their coffee to give it that familiar creamy flavor and texture.

Today, there are a number of vegan-friendly options for your cup of coffee.

  • Almond Milk- slightly nutty flavor
  • Oat Milk- wheaty, creamy and thick
  • Coconut Milk- a frothy milk with a touch of coconut
  • Soy Milk- a classic non-dairy milk option
  • Cashew Milk- sweet and creamy
  • Rice Milk- not huge on flavor, a very simple milk option

Final Thoughts

For some of us, me included a cup of coffee (or more than one) is necessary to start our day.

Regardless of whether you are vegetarian or vegan the environmental impacts of the products we use are something to consider.

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