Are Plant-Based Burgers Keto Friendly?

Are Plant-Based Burgers Keto Friendly?

Who doesn’t love a classic and juicy burger! Lucky for us there are so many plant-based burgers available for us to fulfill that burger craving. What happens if you are following a keto diet? A meat burger is keto-friendly but, are plant-based burgers keto-friendly?

In this article, I answer what makes a burger keto-friendly and dive into 36 plant-based burger options to reveal which ones are keto.

Not all plant-based burgers are keto-friendly. A keto-friendly plant-based burger will contain no more than 6 grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of burger. Three plant-based burgers meet these guidelines and are keto-friendly, they are Beyond Burger, Lightlife, and Garden Gourmet.

What Does A Plant-Based Keto Burger Friendly Look Like?

When following a Keto-Friendly diet one of the most important parameters to monitor is your carbohydrate intake. For most keto protocols the maximum amount of carbs per day should not exceed 25 grams.

25 grams of carbohydrates per day allows you some flexibility to choose your foods during a day. You could say any plant-based burger with under 25 grams of carbs would qualify as keto-friendly. In reality, you would not want to consume all of your days’ allotment of carbs in one meal.

A good guideline to follow is only eating foods that have 6 grams or less net carbs per 100 grams of food.

A keto friendly plant-based burger contains no more than 6 grams of carbohyrates per 100 grams of burger.

Are Beyond Burgers Keto-Friendly

What Ingredients To Look For In A Keto-Friendly Plant-Based Burger?

Some people following a keto diet may classifiy their diet as “clean keto” or “dirty keto.

The plant-based burger you select will depend on the type of keto diet you are following.

What Is Clean Keto?

When eating a clean keto diet your focus is on eating quality whole foods high in nutritional densitity.

Only minimally processed foods with high quality ingredients are included in a clean keto diet.

What Is Dirty Keto?

Those following a dirty keto diet put less focus on food quality.

Dirty keto includes processed and packaged foods as long as they fit within the keto diet guidelines. These foods are sometimes high in additives and may lack nutrients.

Are Plant-Based Burgers Clean Or Dirty Keto?

Over the counter plant-based burgers are highly processed and would be considered dirty keto.

If you are looking for a clean keto plant-based burger Hip2Keto has a great looking clean keto veggie burger recipe.

What Ingredients to look for in a keto-friendly plant-based burger

How To Serve A Keto-Friendly Plant-Based Burger

How you serve your keto friendly plant-based burger is just as important as the burger you select.

Keto-Friendly Burger Buns

Mikey’s Grain-Free English Muffins are a great keto-friendly burger bun option that only contains 5g of carbohydrates per serving.

Plant Power Sandwich Thins are made from a cauiflower base and contain 2g of carbohyrates per serving.

Planet Princess Plain White Buns are made from eggs, almond flour, and flax. They contain 8g of carbohydrates for on burger bun.

Lettuce Wraps are a classic go to wrap for low carb burger.

Portabello Mushrooms are full of umami flavor and are the perfect size for a keto friendly bun.

Pinapple Slices are less expected but are a great sweet and juicy base for a burger.

Keto-Friendly Toppings

I don’t know about you but, my favorite part of eating a burger is all of the tasty toppings I add. A plain bland burger is a thing of the past with this list of toppings.

Cheese– You can’t go wrong with with adding cheese to a burger.

Pickles– A tangy slice of pickle is a must for me.

Onions– A crisp slice of onion is a traditional burger topping that can’t be beaten. Carmelize the onions for a sweet bite.

Tomato– A think slice of a fresh tomato is an American burger classic.

Avocado– A delicous and creamy topping.

Lettuce– If your keto burger is not already wrapped in lettuce add some as a nice crunchy topping.

Pickled Jalenpenos– If you like an added kick of spice add some pickled jalepenos to your burger.

Salsa– Have you ever tried salsa on a burger?

Sauted Mushrooms– Try a classic combination of sauted mushrooms, onions and cheese.

Mayonaise– A creamy classic burger spread.

Mustard– Dijon, honey mustard, classic yellow, whole grain. The mustard options for your burger are endless.

BBQ Sauce– BBQ sauce is a delicous burger topping. Make sure to watch the sugar content when selecting a sauce.

Ketchup– Don’t forget the ketchup! Ketchup can be high in sugar, select a ketchup that is low in sugar.

Keto Friendly Burger Toppings

Are Beyond Burgers Keto Friendly?

Beyond burgers are keto friendly they contain 5g of carbohyrates in 113 grams of food.

Are Impossible Burgers Keto Friendly?

Impossible burgers are not keto friendly they contain 9g of carbohyrates for 113 grams of food.

If you are watching food quality Impossible burgers also contain GMO ingredients.

Are LightLife Burgers Keto Friendly?

LightLife burgers are keto friendly they contain 6g of carbohydrates in 113 grams of food.

LightLife has pledged to become the most sustainable plant-based burger company on the planet. In 2020 LightLife has become a 100% carbon neutral company.

All of Lightlifes products are GMO Free.

LightLife is not a newcomer to the plant-based meat scene, they have been producing plant-based products for over 40 years.

Are MorningStar Farms Burgers Keto Friendly?

MorningStar Farms burgers have been staples in the freezer section before plant-based burgers became the newest rage.

All of Morningstar Farms burgers contain more than 6g of carbohydrates for 100 grams of plant-based burger. MorningStar Farms burgers are not Keto Friendly.

Grillers Prime6g71g
Meat Lovers8g113g
Spicy Black Bean13g67g
Mediterranian Chickpea13g67g
Tomato Basil Pizza8g67g
Veggie Lovers17g113g
Garden Veggie9g67g

Are Dr. Preagers Burgers Keto Friendly?

Dr. Preagers burgers are not keto-friendly. All of Dr. Preagers Burgers contain more than 6g of carbohydrates per 100g of burger.

Perfect Burger8g113g
Classic Veggie22g113g
Chipotle Black Bean20g113g
California Veggie13g71g

Are Gardein Burgers Keto Friendly?

The Ulitimate Beefless Burger is not keto friendly it contains of carbohydrates for an 85g burger.

Are Pure Farmland Burgers Keto Friendly?

Pure Farmland Burgers are not keto friendly they contain 11g of carbohyrates for a 112g burger.

Are Sweet Earth Burgers Keto Friendly?

Sweet Earth Burgers are not keto friendly they contain 9g of carbohyrates for a 113g burger.

Awesome Burger9g113g
Mediterranian Burger16g85g
Sante Fe Veggie Burger24g85g
Teriyaki Burger20g85g

Are Uncut Burgers Keto Friendly?

Uncut Plant Based burgers are not keto friendly they contain more than 6g of carbohydrates for 100 grams of burger.

Plant Based Burger8g113g
Plant Based Chicken Burger11g113g
Plant Based Roasted Turkey Burger7g113g

Are Incogmeato Burgers Keto Friendly?

Incogmeato is a newer line of plant-based products created by MorningStar Farms. The products are non-GMO and are created to look like and taste like meat.

The Incogmeato burger contains 12g of carbohydrates in a 120g burger patty. The Incogmeato burger is not keto-friendly.

Are Boca Burgers Keto Friendly?

Boca Burgers are not keto friendly they contain 7g of carbohydrates for a 71g burger.

Are Bubba Veggie Burgers Keto Friendly?

Bubba veggie burgers are not keto friendly they contain 20g of carbohyrates for a 85g burger.

Are Amy’s Burgers Keto Friendly

Amy’s Burgers are not keto friendly they contain more than 6g of carbohydrates per 100 grams of burger.

Amy’s American Burger13g71g
Amy’s California Veggie Burger21g71g
Amy’s Summer Harvest Burger15g71g
Amy’s Sonoma Burger18g71g
Amy’s Black Bean Burger18g71g

Are Garden Gourmet Burgers Keto Friendly?

Garden Gourment Sensational burgers are keto-friendly. The burgers only contain 2.80g of carbohydrates for 100g of plant-based burger.

Are 365 Plant-Based Burgers Keto Friendly?

Whole foods 365 line of products contains a plant-based burger that has 6g of carbohydrates for a 71 gram patty. The 365 plant-based burger is not keto-friendly.

Are Trader Joes Plant-Based Burgers Keto Friendly?

Trader Joe’s Protien Patties are not keto friendly they contain 11g of carbohydrates for a 113 gram burger patty.

What Does A Plant-Based Keto Friendly Burger Look Like?

Plant-Based Keto-Friendly Burger Chart

Beyond Burgers5g113g
Light Life6g113g
Garden Gourmet2.80g100g


A keto friendly plant-based burger should contain no more than 6 grams of carbohyrates for a 100 gram burger patty.

After researching 16 brands and 36 plant-based burgers three burgers met the keto friendly guidelines.

Beyond Burger, Light Life and Garden Gourment plant-based burgers are keto friendly.

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