McDonalds Sauces

McDonald’s Sauces: Things You Need To Know

McDonald’s is famous for its sauces, there was even a song written all about the Big Mac and its special sauce. Let’s dig in and talk all about McDonald’s Sauces.

McDonald’s is famous for its tasty dipping sauce including the classic sweet n sour to newer addition like creamy ranch.

What Kinds Of Sauces Does McDonald’s Have

  • Tangy Barbeque Sauce
  • Spicy Buffalo Sauce
  • Creamy Ranch Sauce
  • Honey Mustard
  • Honey
  • Sweet N Sour Sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Mayo
  • Tartar Sauce
  • Big Mac Sauce
  • Chipotle BBQ
  • Sweet Chili

What Are The Best Sauces At McDonald’s

The best sauces at McDonald’s are the Sweet N Sour Sauce and the Tangy Barbeque Sauce.

The most popular dipping sauce at McDonald’s is the Sweet N Sour Sauce.

Does McDonald’s Have Honey

McDonald’s has honey available in the same small sauce-size containers as their other sauces.

Honey is great for dipping nuggets and french fries into, you can also pair it with the tangy barbeque sauce for a sweet and spicy combination.

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What Sauce Goes Best With McNuggets

The best sauce for your Mcnuggets would depend on the mood that you are in, Sweet N Sour sauce is the classic go-to or a tangy barbeque for something with a little bite.

How Many Sauces Do I Get With A Five Piece McNugget

With an order of five-piece nuggets, you can expect to receive one sauce container.

How Many Sauces Do I Get For 10 Piece McNuggets

You will receive two containers of sauce with an order of 10 piece Mcnuggets

How Many Sauces Should I Get For 20 Nuggets

A 20 piece order of Mcnuggets comes with three sauces. Some restaurants will give you a fourth if it is requested.

Does McDonald’s Give Enough Sauce For It’s McNuggets

Some people are not happy with the amount of sauce given by McDonald’s with their orders of McNuggets.

So much so that there have been petitions on requesting more sauces with an order of Mcnuggets.

It makes sense since the math doesn’t add up. When you order ten nuggets your get two containers of sauce.

Only three sauces are given with an order of twenty nuggets unless you ask for me.

Personally, I love sauce and enjoy a little food with my sauce or fries with my ketchup.

Can You Get A Sauce For You French Fries At McDonald’s

If you haven’t tried dipping your fries in a sauce other than ketchup at McDonald’s you are missing out.

If you ask nicely most McDonald’s will give you a sauce with an order of French Fries.

What Is The Best Sauce To Dip Your Fries In At McDonald’s

The best sauce for french fry dipping is the favorite Sweet N Sour Sauce.

Are McDonald’s Sauces Free

If you have placed an order for McNuggets or French Fries you can expect to receive a sauce or two at your request for free.

Can I Buy Sauces At McDonald’s

If you are asking for a large number of sauces or with a very small order, your local McDonald’s may need to charge you for your sauce.

If you are charged for a sauce you can expect to pay around $ .25 per sauce.

What Brand Of Sauce Does McDonald’s Use

McDonald’s has its sauces manufactured specifically for their restaurants.

What Sweet And Sour Sauce Does McDonald’s Use

McDonald’s Sweet N Sour sauce is so popular many people would love to purchase an entire bottle of this sauce for at-home use.

Unfortunately, McDonald’s Sweet N Sour sauce is made exclusively for its restaurants.

What Brand Ketchup Does McDonald’s Use

McDonald’s used to have the Heinz brand make its ketchup currently Mcdonald’s has its ketchup made for them with their own custom recipe.

What Brand Mustard Does McDonald’s Use

McDonald’s uses classic yellow mustard.

They have not disclosed the brand they use or if it is a custom recipe.

What Brand Mayo Does McDonald’s Use

McDonald’s has a custom recipe that is used to make their mayonnaise.

What’s In The Cajun Sauce At McDonald’s

McDonald’s Cajun Sauce starts with a mustard base and includes mayonnaise, honey, vinegar, and cajun spices.

What Is The Szechuan Sauce At McDonald’s

Currently, McDonald’s no longer offers the Szechuan sauce which debuted along with the release of Disney’s movie Mulan.

The Szechuan sauce was made to mimic a classic Chinese Szechuan Sauce.

what is McDonalds most popular sauce

What’s In The Big Mac Sauce At McDonald’s

McDonald’s special Big Mac sauce is legendary, this sauce is made from a creamy base with sour pickles, mustard, and spices.

What Does Big Mac Sauce Taste Like

McDonald’s Big Mac sauce is creamy with little bites of tang.

What Is The Closest Thing To Big Mac Sauce

The closest thing to McDonald’s Big Mac sauce is a thick Thousand Island Dressing.

Can You Order Big Mac Sauce

You can request a small portion of McDonald’s Bog Mac sauce on the side.

What Is McDonald’s New Sauce

McDonald’s has had a classic lineup of sauces for years as well as the occasional sauce that makes an appearance during special promotions.

in 2018, McDonald’s expanded its base offerings of sauce to include honey mustard, chipotle BBQ, Spicy Buffalo, Sweet Chili, and Hot Mustard Sauces.

Does McDonald’s Still Have Hot Mustard

Not every McDonald’s location still carries the Hot Mustard dipping sauce.

You will need to check with your local restaurant for availability.

What Is McDonald’s Signature Sauce

McDonald’s signatures sauce is its classic Big Mac Sauce.

Did McDonald’s Discontinue It’s Signature Sauce

McDonald’s has not discontinued its Signature Sauce.

When Did McDonald’s Introduce Curry Sauce

McDonald’s first introduced its curry sauce in the1990s.

What Happened To McDonald’s Curry Sauce

McDonald’s curry sauce was so popular it sold out immediately once it became available as well as being recalled over safety precautions.

Does Heinz Curry Sauce Taste Like McDonald’s

The Heinz curry sauce is very similar in flavor to McDonald’s curry sauce.

Do McDonald’s Sauces Go Bad

McDonald’s sauces can expire, they usually last anywhere for two to three months.

Why Does McDonald’s Ketchup Taste So Good

The balance of the vinegar, tomatoes, and sugar gives McDonald’s ketchup the perfect flavor.

Final Thoughts

I have fond memories of McDonald’s classic sauces from my childhood.

There is something about dipping a food into a tasty sauce that feels so comforting.

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