has there been any vegetarians on survivor

Have There Been Any Vegetarians On Survivor (11 Contestants)

Survivor is a classic reality competition that has been extremely popular for pretty much my entire adult life. As a vegetarian, I have to wonder have there been any vegetarian or vegan contestants on the show?

There have been eleven vegetarians or vegans that have been contestants on Survivor. Some contestants chose to remain vegetarians while on the show while others planned on consuming meat in order to stay strong while competing.

Vegetarians That Have Been On Survivor

  • Ethan Zohan
  • Kimmi Kappenburg
  • Cao Boi Bui
  • Sarah Dawson
  • Jenn Brown
  • Anna Khait
  • Tai Trang
  • Amanda Kimmel
  • Angelina Cardona Keeley
  • Mike White

Ethan Zohan

Ethan Zohan is a Survivor legend appearing on the show three times and winning it once.

Ethan had been a vegetarian for fourteen years prior to going on survivor.

Weeks before he was scheduled to start the show he started consuming a little bit of meat to slowly adjust his body to meat consuming, knowing her would need to eat meat while he was on the show.

Being on survivor completely wreaked his body with a large amount of weight loss in such a short amount of time.

Kimmi Kappenburg

Kimmi Kappenburg was the first vegetarian to appear on the show and though she referred to herself as being a “fake vegetarian” since she ate eggs.

Kimmi made two appearances on the show and ruffled a lot of feathers with her fellow castmates due to her loud opinions and large personality.

Cao Boi Bui

Cao Boi Bui was on Survivor Cook Islands is a Vietnam refugee who is a vegetarian.

While on the show he didn’t eat any animal products staying true to his beliefs.

Sarah Dawson

Sarah Dawson was a contestant on Survivor: the Philippines where she was the sixth person eliminated.

While on the show she reduced chickens that were going to be slaughtered.

Jenn Brown

Jenn Brown was on Survivor: World’s Apart where castmates were separated into “classes” of white-collar, blue-collar, and no-collar.

In one episode her team celebrated a win by slaughtering and eating a chicken, being uncomfortable with that as a vegetarian she went on a search for the hidden immunity idol, which she found.

Anna Khait

Anna Khait is a pro poker player that was on Survivor: Kaoh Rong.

She is a vegetarian that has also participated in the World Games playing handball.

Tai Trang

Tai Trang was on the same season as Ann Khait on Survivor; Kaoh Rong.

As a vegetarian, he said her wouldn’t eat meat but, would fish for sealife to help feed his tribe.

Amanda Kimmel

Amanda Kimmel has been on Survivor three times Survivor: China, Survivor: Micronesia, Survivor: Heroes and Villians.

Since leaving the show Amanda has become a vegan.

Angelina Cardona Keeley

Angelina Cardona Keeley was the runner-up on Survivor: David Vs. Goliath.

Angelina had been a vegetarian for eight years prior to joining the cast of the show.

Mike White

Mike White was also on Survivor: David vs. Goliath.

As well as being an actor, writer, and filmmaker Mike was the oldest member of the David vs. Goliath cast and a vegetarian.

Have There Been Any Vegans On Survivor

Noura Salman

Noura Salman is a health-conscious vegan that was on Survivor: Island Of The Idols.

As the first vegan to compete on the show she did extremely well finishing in third place.

has there been any vegan on survivor

Do You Think A Vegan Could Be On Survivor

Noura Salman has proven that vegans can be and compete on survivor.

Survivor in general is not for the faint of heart, especially when it comes to food consumption.

Being a vegan would be more challenging in the sense that you have a limited food supply to begin with.

The limited supply gets even smaller when you remove animal products and possibly the occasional food reward.

Have Any Survivor Contestants Become Vegetarians Or Vegans After The Show

There are two contestants that we know of that have become vegetarians or vegan after appearing on survivor.

Jenna Morseca

Jenna Morseca is a survivor winner that has become a dedicated vegetarian and animal rights activist.

Marcus Lahman

Marcus Lehman was on Survivor: Gabon became vegan after being on survivor.

Has Anyone On Survivor Had A Food Allergy

Liz Markham from Kaoh Rong also has a shellfish allergy which could become challenging when seafood is often a staple in the diets of survivor contestants.

Peter from Australian Survivor is deathly allergic to nuts and enjoyed an Italian reward dinner that included a pesto dish. He was extremely cautious and made sure there wasn’t any cross-contamination with the utensils being used.

Do They Really Starve On Survivor

Survivor contestants are starving and have access to a limited amount of food.

There is information indicating that they have been given more food in recent years in comparison to the early years.

It’s not confirmed if that is true or not.

Contestants eat a small portion of rice every day and have the ability to win chickens or reward meals during the show to supplement.

How Many Calories Do They Eat Each Day On Survivor

it’s hard to know exactly how many calories a contestant eats while on survivor.

Due to the drastic weight loss each contestant experiences, the calorie consumption is obviously not enough to sustain their original body weight.

Depending on the person a survivor contestant may be eating anywhere from 800-1500 calories.

Obviously, the calorie intake will be higher on a food reward day.

Why Do They Eat Rice On Survivor

Some of the reasons contestants may be given rice while of survivor are the quick energy it provides, it’s easy to make, and it’s shelf-stable if keep in safe conditions.

Who Cooks The Food On Survivor

At camp the contestants prepare their own food, any food that is won as a reward is often prepared by chefs for the contestants.

Final Thoughts

Considering Survivor has been on for an incredible amount of years there haven’t been that many vegetarians or vegan on the show.

I’m not sure if the survival anything goes “go slaughter a chicken style: doesn’t appeal to vegetarians or vegans or if it’s just a coincidence.