Do Plant Based Hot Dogs Go Bad

Do Plant-Based Hot Dogs Go Bad

Who doesn’t love a hot dog on the grill in the summer? Luckily over the years plant-based and vegetarian-friendly hot dog options have grown. I can remember when we had one choice for a plant-based dog. Once we have our plant-based hot dogs we need to know how to store them and do plant-based hot dogs go bad?

In this article I provide all of the answers regarding how to store, prepare and enjoy plant-based hot dogs.

Plant-Based Hot Dogs will be good in your fridge for up to 14 days. Once opened make sure to consume your dogs within 3 days. To save your plant-based hot dogs for longer, store them in your freezer for a future barbeque for up to a year.

Do Plant-Based Hot Dogs Go Bad

Just like any food plant-based hot dogs will go bad.

It’s best to eat your hot dogs before the best by date on the package for the best flavor and textures.

How Long Does A Plant-Based Hot Dog Stay Fresh In The Fridge

An unopened package of plant-based hot dogs will last up to 14 days in the fridge. Once the package has been opened I would eat them within 3 days.

How Long Do Plant-Based Hot Dogs Stay Fresh When Frozen

Frozen plant-based hot dogs will stay fresh in the freezer for up to a year.

Can I Refreeze Plant-Based Hot Dogs Once They Have Been Thawed

It is not recommended to refreeze plant-based hot dogs once they have previously been frozen and thawed out. The texture and flavors will be sacrificed.

How long does a plant based hot dog stay fresh in the fridge

Are Plant-Based Hot Dogs Already Cooked

Some, but not all plant-based hot dogs are precooked.

You must always read the package for cooking instructions.

Can I Eat A Plant-Based Hot Dog Raw

As a vegetarian it makes me cringe to think about eating a raw hot dog but, I can remember snacking on raw hot dogs as a kid. Did anyone else do that?

I would suggest never eating a raw hot dog regardless if it’s plant-based or not. It may be possible to eat a raw plant-based dog that has been pre-cooked but, it would always be best when cooked.

How To Cook Plant-Based Hot Dogs

Plant-based hot dogs can be cooked in the same ways as regular hot dogs.

  • Sauteed
  • Grilled
  • Microwaved
  • Boiled

I would suggest sauteing them in a little butter or throwing them on the barbeque grill for the best results.

Plant-Based Hot Dog Toppings

I have a confession to make, I eat hot dogs for the toppings.

Some of my favorite hot dog toppings include.

  • Mustard and Sauerkraut- my go-to hot dog combination. If you are adventurous shake on a little celery salt.
  • Ketchup- being a mustard dog kind of girl I am aware that putting ketchup on a hot dog can be a sin. My kids happen to love ketchup.
  • Chicago Style- this is for my fellow topping lovers, peppers, onion, tomatoes, dill pickles on a poppy seed bun.
  • Spicy Barbeque Sauce with Mayo- A love a spicy sauce with a kick and balancing it with creamy mayo.
  • Vegetarian Chili and Cheese- A classic made just for vegetarians
  • Coleslaw dog- What’s better than throwing your favorite summer side dish onto your dog.
  • Classic Mustard and Onions- I’m back to the mustard, you can go wrong with this classic flavor combination of yellow mustard and finely diced raw onions.
How long do plant-based hot dogs stay fresh when frozen

How Can I Use Plant-Based Hot Dogs

Here are some ways you can enjoy your favorite plant-based hot dogs outside of the traditional bun.

  • Hot dogs with Mac and Cheese (a childhood favorite)
  • Pigs in a blanket (kid-friendly and a fun appetizer for a crowd)
  • Corn dogs (yum)
  • Hot dogs sauteed with potatoes

Are Carrots Used As Hot Dogs Good

I had to mention the vegetarian craze of replacing carrots with hot dogs. There are many people that love the option of swapping out a meat hot dog for a carrot.

Personally, I haven’t had one that I’ve liked better than a plant-based dog.

Final Thoughts

You need to be careful with plant-based meat products just as you would with raw meat.

It’s always best to consume a food before the best by date.

If you need to preserve your plant-based hot dogs longer than the two weeks that they will stay in the fridge you can freeze them for up to a year.

I hope you have a craving for a delicious hot dog now, like I do.

What are your favorite hot dog toppings?

What Are My Favorite Plant-Based Hot Dogs

There are two brands of plant-based hot dogs that I gravitate towards they are lightlife and Field Roast.

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