Dunkin DOnuts Nuts

Are Dunkin Donuts Nut Free (Quick Facts)

Dunkin Donuts is famous for its tasty assortment of donuts, coffee, and other treats which has built a loyal customer base over the years.

They do say “Everyone Runs On Dunkin”.

However, for those with nut allergies, the pure joy of eating their favorite goodies is tinged with the concern of potential allergen exposure.

In this article, with dig into the question of if Dunkin Donuts contains nuts.

Are Dunkin Donuts Made In A Nut Free Environment

Dunkin Donuts products are not made in a nut-free facility.

The allergen guide listed on the Dunkin Donuts website states the following clearly at the top.

Please be advised that our products may contain or may have been further processed on shared equipment that may have come in contact with allergens including Eggs, Fish, Milk,
Peanuts, Sesame, Soy, Tree Nuts, Wheat, & Shellfish.

This does not mean that all of the products offered at Dunkin Donuts contain nuts but, there is a possibility that cross-contamination has occurred.

Are There Any Nut-Free Options At Dunkin Donuts

Many of the items at Dunkin Donuts are “nut-free” meaning they don’t contain nuts in the ingredients but, there is the possibility of contamination during manufacturing.

Some of the popular items at Dunkin Donuts that are often nut free include:

  • Coffee
  • Teas
  • Coolatas
  • English Muffins
  • Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Donuts (some contain nuts_
  • Muffins (some may contain nuts)

Are The Munchkins At Dunkin Donuts Nut Free

The popular assortment of donut munchkins at Dunkin Donuts are often nut-free except for the butternut flavor.

Are The Dunkin Donuts Glazed Donuts Nut Free

The Dunkin Donuts classic Glazed Donuts are nut-free.

Are Dunkin Donuts Bagels Nut Free

The bagels and toppings like cream cheese, butter, and jelly are nut-free.

Are Dunkin Donuts Muffins Nut Free

At this time many of the muffins offered at Dunkin Donuts are nut free, you do need to be careful because it is possible for a muffin that contains nuts to be added to the line-up.

The allergen menu does note a few muffins that may contain tree nuts Blueberry, coffee cake, and corn.

Are Dunkin Donuts Breakfast Sandwiches Nut Free

The delicious made-to-order breakfast sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts are nut free.

You should be aware that croissants and bagels may contain tree nuts.

What Items At Dunkin Donuts Contain Nuts

When it comes to which items contain nuts at Dunkin DOnuts we look closely at the large assortment of donuts.

Dunkin Donuts offers a classic selection of donuts but, also mixes in seasonal or limited-time offerings.

You do need to be careful with what is being offered.

Some of the donuts at Dunkin Donuts that contain nuts are:

  • Butternut Creme
  • Chocolate Butternut Creme
  • Peanut
  • Apple Crumb Donut (may contain tree nuts)
  • Coconut Donut
  • Toasted Coconut Donut
  • Chocolate Coconut Donut

Are Dunkin Donuts Made With Tree Nuts

There are a few items on the menu at Dunkin Donuts that indicate that they could contain tree nuts.

  • Coconut Almondmilk Cold Brew
  • Mango Pineapple Dunkin’ Coconut Refresher
  • Raspberry Watermelon Dunkin’ Coconut Refresher
  • Peach Passion Fruit Dunkin’ Coconut Refresher
  • Strawberry Dragonfruit Dunkin’ Coconut Refresher
  • Butter Pecan Crunch Frozen Coffee
  • Turtle Signature Hot/Iced Latte
  • Vanilla Almondmilk Latte
  • Coconut Macaroon Iced Coffee
  • Kosher Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast Sandwich
  • Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast Sandwich
  • Kosher Dunkin’ Double Veggie Sausage Sandwich
  • Kosher Tuna Melt on a Croissant/bagel
  • Butternut Munchkins
  • Lemon Loaf
  • Stuffed Bagel Minis – Everything
  • Stuffed Bagel Minis – Plain
  • Bagels
  • Apple Crumb Donut
  • Butternut Donut
  • Chocolate Butternut Donut
  • Coconut Donut
  • Toasted Coconut Donut
  • Chocolate Coconut Donut
  • Coconut Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Corn Muffin
  • Coffee Cake Muffin
  • Plain Croissant
  • Croissant Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Bagel Breakfast Sandwiches

Do Dunkin Donuts Have Peanuts

Sometimes Dunkin Donuts will offer a donut that contains peanuts or peanut butter.

This is something to be aware of if peanuts are a concern for you.

Is The Coffee At Dunkin Donuts Nut Free

The majority of the coffee at Dunkin Donuts is nut free.

You do need to look for the flavors that contain nuts in the names as well as the add-ins like almond and coconut milk that contain nuts.

Does Dunkin Butter Pecan Have Nuts

The Butter Pecan coffee at Dunkin Donuts can contain nuts.

Does Dunkin Donuts Have A Nut Free Policy

Dunkin Donuts is not a completely nut-free restaurant, they do state it’s possible for their products to be produced in facilities that have contained nuts.

Does Dunkin Donuts Have An Allergen Menu

Dunkin Donuts has an ingredient and allergen menu that can be viewed to confirm what each item contains or could contain.

Can People With Nut Allergies Eat At Dunkin Donuts

Since Dunkin Donuts is very clear that all of their items could be processed in a facility and on equipment where nuts have been, it’s obvious that those with a severe nut allergy need to avoid Dunkin Donuts.

Anyone with any level of nut allergy should be concerned with the items at Dunkin Donuts since cross-contamination is very likely.