Why is Five Guys so expensive

Why Is Five Guys So Expensive (11 Reasons)

Five Guys is famous for its delicious burgers and freshly made french fries but, they can be known for being a bit expensive.

Why is Five Guys so expensive?

11 Reasons Why Five Guys Is So Expensive

  1. Five Guys only uses fresh ingredients
  2. Five Guys uses high quality ingredients
  3. Five Guys uses specially made ingredients
  4. Peanut oil is expensive
  5. Five Guys gives large portions
  6. Unlimited topping choices are included in the price
  7. Fast Food packaging is expensive
  8. Franchises are expensive to open
  9. Branding is expensive
  10. Hiring and training employees is expensive
  11. Great employee benefits

Five Guys Only Uses Fresh Ingredients

Five Guys prides themselves on only using coolers and never using any freezers in their restaurants.

Many fast-food restaurants depend on frozen products in order to serve their customers in a timely manner as well as not wasting as many ingredients.

The challenge with only having fresh ingredients is the amount of food spoilage that you can have.

Food spoilage equals a large amount of monetary loss.

It can be difficult making sure that there isn’t food loss or that it is kept to a minimum.

One of the ways Five Guys combats food loss is only preparing its products in small batches instead of a large scale like other restaurants.

The downside to this is the extra employee time that it takes.

In order to balance it out, the prices are a little higher at Five Guys compared to other restaurants due to maintaining their fresh never froze ingredients.

Five Guys Uses High Quality Ingredients

Besides, only having fresh ingredients in their coolers and for their food, Five Guys also uses the highest quality ingredients they can find.

Five Guys uses a special blend of beef that is mixed just for them by Schweld & Sons that contains a mixture of 80% lean to 20% fat.

We can’t forget to mention the deliciously fresh and never frozen french fries that are made at Five Guys.

Five Guys uses only fresh russet potatoes usually coming from farms located in Idaho.

The potatoes are cut and fried right on location.

Five Guys Uses Specially Made Ingredients

Besides having a custom blend of beef for their burgers, Five Guys has many other products custom-made for their restaurants.

The mayonnaise is a custom blend made just for Five Guys.

Five Guys burger buns are made freshly by ten professional bakeries across the country on a daily basis.

The buns are made fresh and shipped out at 3 pm each day to every Five Guys restaurant.

Between the expense of making freshly baked buns and the shipping cost of a fresh product, Five Guys needs to charge more for their burgers.

Peanut Oil Is Expensive

Many restaurants choose not to use peanut oil and use canola oil instead.

At first, you would think it was due to food allergy concerns when it comes to peanut allergy.

In actuality, many restaurants do not use peanut oil due to the cost.

Peanut oil is a lot healthier when compared to other options like canola oil.

With many people and restaurants focusing more on healthy choices the peanut oil industry has recently felt a high demand which has driven up the costs of peanut oil.

Five Guys Gives Large Portions

If you have ever been to a Five Guys restaurant you will remember the large portions of food that you have received.

At Five Guys you will not receive a small sleeve of french fries, instead, you will walk away with a brown paper bag full of freshly made hot fries.

It’s not just the fries that are larger than the competitors, the burgers at Five Guys out weight the majority of their competition.

Unlimited Topping Choices Are Included In The Price

Five Guys has seventeen different toppings that you could possibly add to your burger.

Unlike, many other restaurants that may charge extra for burgers with additional toppings Five Guys instead include them in the price.

They are advertised as “free toppings: but, that isn’t really true.

Fast Food Packaging Is Expensive

Regardless if you eat at the restaurant or are grabbing your Five Guys order to go, all orders are packaged exactly the same way.

Many restaurants are able to save some money on packaging by not using the same amount of packaging products when someone is eating in their restaurant.

The price for the packaging at Five Guys adds up and needs to be added to the overall price of the product.

Franchises Are Expensive To Open

If you pass the rigorous test of funds and net worth to be even considered as a franchise owner you cannot just purchase one franchise location.

Five Guys franchises are sold as groups of five as a territory.

New franchise owners will need to pay a $25,000 fee in addition to up to $650,000 in monetary investment.

Is Five Guys Expensive

Five Guys Branding Is Expensive

Five Guys branding as well as all of the furniture and restaurant design is expensive to build as well as being expensive to maintain.

Between all of the shiny chrome features and the peanuts that are tossed all over the place.

Five Guys has to pay its employees more to maintain the cleanliness of the restaurants.

Hiring And Training Employees Is Expensive

Hiring and training employees is very expensive.

Five Guys prides itself on the consistency of its product.

Every employee that works at Five Guys goes through an extremely thorough training program called “Five Guys University”.

The cost for hiring and training will need to be made up for in the cost of the end products.

Five Guys Offers Great Employee Benefits

Beyond offering a great training program that sets up employees for success, Five Guys offers its employees wonderful benefits.

As a full-time employee, you can expect retirement and health benefits as well as bonuses throughout the year.

Five Guys also invests in tuition assistance for its employees who want to further their education.

Employees also get to enjoy a “free meal” during their shift.

Why Are Five Guys Burgers So Expensive

The main reasons why Five Guys burgers are so expensive are the high quality and specially made ingredients that are used in the burgers, as well as the seventeen different free toppings that can be added to your burger.

Why Are Five Guys French Fries So Expensive

Five Guys French Fries are so expensive because they are freshly made from russet potatoes right on location as well as being fried in expensive peanut oil with a large serving presented to the customer.

Why Are Five Guys Milk Shakes So Expensive

The Milk Shakes at Five Guys are so expensive because the ingredients required for the milkshakes are higher price point ingredients.

Why Are Five Guys Sodas So Expensive

Soda at many restaurants is expensive, it happens to be a product where there can be a high-profit margin making up for other losses within the business.

Is Five Guys More Expensive Than Their Competitors

Five Guys is often more expensive when compared to its competitors.

Five Guys$ 8.99
Whataburger$ 7.59
Shake Shack$ 6.39
Burger Fi$ 5.59
In And Out$ 2.40

Is Five Guys Losing Its Popularity

Analysts recently asked millennials which restaurants they expect to go to in the next six months.

Unfortunately, for Five Guys, it was the biggest loser with many millennials claiming the expensive price point and health concerns the main reasons why they would be skipping Five Guys.

Final Thoughts

Five Guys is delicious but, it can be expensive especially if you happen to be buying a meal for your family.

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