Is Hard Seltzer Vegan

Is Hard Seltzer Vegan (Quick Facts)

Hard Seltzer has become extremely popular in recent years but, is hard seltzer vegan?

The majority of hard seltzer brands anf fun flavors are vegan-friendly. You do need to be aware that some can contain non-vegan ingredients like honey and sugar.

Can Vegans Drink Hard Seltzer

Vegans can drink the majority of hard seltzer brands and flavors.

You do need to be aware that some hard seltzers contain non-vegan ingredients making them not suitable for vegans to consume.

I’ve evaluated the most popular flavors of hard seltzer down below, confirming which are vegan and those that are not.

Why Wouldn’t Hard Seltzer Be Vegan

Unfortunately, there can be many animal-based ingredients hiding in alcoholic beverages including the popular Hard Seltzer.

The animal products found in alcoholic beverages are often used during the filtering process and production of the beverage.

Some of the non-vegan ingredients you may find in alcoholic beverages include.

  • Gelatin
  • White Sugar
  • Honey
  • Egg Whites
  • Fish Bladders (gross)
  • Casein

Why Is White Sugar In Hard Seltzer Not Vegan

White sugar is a controversial ingredient for many vegans since it can be processed using bone char from animals.

The only way to ensure that your sugar wasn’t processed with bone char is to buy organic sugar.

Does Hard Seltzer Contain Honey

You do need to look carefully and be aware that some hard seltzer flavors do contain honey.

Does Hard Seltzer Contain Dairy

Hard Seltzer does not contain dairy products.

What Is Hard Seltzer Made From

Every brand of hard seltzer and flavor will each have slightly different ingredients but, you can expect to find the following ingredient in hard seltzer.

  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated Water
  • Natural Flavors
  • Sugar
  • Fruit
  • Citric Acid
  • Preservatives

Are Truly Hard Seltzers Vegan

Truly Hard Seltzer is very popular and comes in 30 delicious flavors like wild berry and mango.

The majority of Truly Hard Seltzers are vegan-friendly but, you do need to be aware that the Iced Tea flavors contain honey making them not vegan.

The following Truly Hard Seltzers are not vegan-friendly.

  • Lemon Tea
  • Peach Tea
  • Strawberry Tea
  • Half & Half Tea
  • Iced Tea Mixed Pack

Are White Claw Hard Seltzers Vegan

White Claw Hard Seltzer is vegan-friendly.

White Claw offers a large selection of flavors including popular Iced Tea, Lemonade and Blood Orange.

You will also discover White Claw Serge which contains 8% alcohol.

Luckily, for vegans, all of the products offered by White Claw are safe for vegans to enjoy.

Is Hard Seltzer Vegan

Are Corona Hard Seltzers Vegan

Corona is a very popular brand of beer which now offers a delicious selection of Hard Seltzers.

Luckily, all of the hard seltzer flavors offers by Corona are vegan friendly.

You can enjoy fun flavors like Spicy Pineapple and Mandarin-Starfruit.

Are Coors Hard Seltzers Vegan

Coors has joined in the popularity of Hard Selttzers with the addition of a Hard Seltzer line of beverages.

All of the Coors Hard Seltzers are vegan-friendly.

You will find delicious flavors like Blue Raspberry and Peach.

Is Press Hard Seltzer Vegan

Press Hard Seltzer is marketed as a premium hard seltzer brand that is completely women owned.

Press Hard Seltzer is made from completely natural ingredients and is vegan.

You may find the most interesting flavors under the Press Hard Seltzer Brand.

You can enjoy flavored like Pomegranate Ginger and Lingonberry Elderflower.

Is Topo Chico Hard Seltzer Vegan

Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is completely vegan.

This Coca-Cola Brand brings unique flavors to the table with options like Strawberry Hibicus and Prickly Pear.

In addition to Hard Seltzer you will discover a selection of Hard Sparkling Water flavors including one called “Ranch Water”.

Ranch Water is made from agave, lime and hard sparkling water.

Is Willies Superbrew Hard Seltzer Vegan

Willes Superbrew may have the most fun story behind it’s founders a surfer and a goat farmer.

This completely vegan friendly brand claims to have nearly a pound of fruit in each pack of seltzer.

Are Good Companies Hard Seltzer Vegan

Good Company offers a delicious selection of classic fruit flavored Hard Seltzer that is vegan-friendly.

Is Bud Light Seltzer Vegan

Bud Light Seltzer is cegan and safe for the majority of vegans to enjoy.

You do need to be aware that Bud Light Hard Seltzer contains white sugar that may be avoided by some vegans.

Bud Light Seltzer offers some fun flavors like Hard Soda which includes Classic Cola, Cherry Cola, Orang Soda, and Citrus Soda.

Is Jose Cuervo Hard Seltzer Vegan

Jose Cuervo is a staple brand when it come to tequila.

Luickly the hard seletzers offered by Jose Cuervo are safe for vegans to enjoy.

You will discover as probably expected that these hard seltzers contain Jose Cuervo tequila.

Is Michelob Ultra Hard Seltzer Vegan

Michelob Ultra offers a line of organic shard seltzers that are vegan friendly.

Each seltzer is only 90 calories and comes in four delicious flavors.

Is Vizzy Hard Seltzer Vegan

Vizzy Hard Seltzer is vegan-friendly.

You will discover a wide variety of seltzer flavors including lemonade and watermelon based flavors.

Is High Noon Hard Seltzer Vegan

High Noon Seltzer is vegan-friendly.

Unlike, many other hard sletzers High Noon uses vodka as the alcohol.

High Noon offers a variety of classic fruit flavors.

Is Smirnoff Hard Seltzer Vegan

Smirnoff Hard Seltzer is vegan.

Some of the fun flavors offered by Smirnooff include Neon Lemonades and the Poco Pico Pack of fruit and spicy flavors.

Is Ficks Hard Seltzer Vegan

Ficks Hard Seltzer is vegan-friendly.

The Ficks brand prides itself on using fresh ingredients without any added sugar.

Final Thoughts

Hard seltzer is a newer addition to the quick grab and enjoy alcoholic beverage industry.

Although, it’s a newcomer it is extremely popular.

Luckily, for vegans the majority of hard seltzers are vegan-friendly.

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