How much do vegetarians spend on food

How Much Do Vegetarians Spend On Food (Quick Facts)

We all need to eat but, how much do the dietary choices we make impact how much we spend on food.

How much do vegetarians spend on food?

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Vegetarian

The results of two studies that compared the cost of vegetarian diets to other diets resulted in an average vegetarian diet costing around $110.00 per week per person.

One study was solely based on the diets of Americans, comparing vegetarians, and meat-eaters.

The other study compared vegetarian diets, standard American diets, and Mediterranean diets.

Do Vegetarians Spend More On Food

Studies have shown that vegetarians often spend less money on food compared to a standard diet that contains animal products as well as the Mediterranean diet.

On average vegetarians will spend around $23.00 less than other diets.

Is Being A Vegetarian Cheaper Than Eating Meat

The cost of meat products will always be higher than a vegetarian meal and vegetarian ingredients.

Classic vegetarian proteins like beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and nut butter are of great value.

Processed plant-based “meat products” are higher in price and may end up costing more than meat in some cases but, usually, the meat will be the more expensive ingredient.

How Much Does A Vegetarian Meal Cost

According to studies the average vegetarian meal will cost between $5.13 to $6.00 a meal.

The average cost for a vegetarian meal at a restaurant will cost between $8.00 and $15.00.

How Much Does A Vegetarian Diet Cost Per Week

The average cost of a vegetarian diet each week would be $110.00 per person.

how much do vegetarians spend on groceries

How Would A Vegetarian Diet Be Expensive

Although, the statistics show that a vegetarian diet is less expensive when compared to other diets it’s not always that way.

Many factors can contribute to the overall price of your grocery bill.

  • Geographic Region
  • Dairy Products
  • Choices of Protein
  • Ready-Made Foods
  • High Priced Treats
  • Eating at Restaurants

Geographic Region And Food Costs

Where you are in the world and your specific geographic region impacts the overall cost of food.

In this study that was investigating if SNAP benefits were enough to cover the cost of meals, they discovered how vastly different the cost of a meal can range.

In some areas like Charlottesville, Virginia the cost of a meal averaged $3.23 other places like Leelanau County, Michigan the average cost of a meal is $6.16.

Consuming Dairy Products Affects The Cost Of Your Diet

Although, vegetarians do not consume meat and often seafood many still consume dairy products.

Dairy products like milk, eggs, yogurt, and cheese can be very expensive.

If you are a vegetarian that consumes dairy products and a lot of dairy products your grocery bill will be much more expensive than if you didn’t consume dairy.

Vegetarian Protein Options Vary In Cost

The type of protein you choose to eat as a vegetarian can make a difference in the overall costs of your diet.

Some vegetarian protein options like beans and lentils are notorious for being nutritious and affordable.

Other options like plant-based burgers, sausages, and even nuts are much more expensive.

Vegetarian Processed Or Ready-Made Foods

Any food that is processed or ready-made in order to provide the customer with convenience is going to cost a lot more when compared with foods you prepare on your own.

Some examples of these foods include pre-made salad kits, protein bars, and frozen entrees.

Frozen entrees can end up being very costly if you are buying them often and for an entire family.

Highly Priced Vegetarian Treats Are Expensive

We all enjoy a treat but, some vegetarian treats can be expensive.

For example, if you enjoy Kombucha in my area a single-serving bottle is over $3.00.

Chocolate is another expensive treat that can increase your grocery bill.

If you are buying a lot of treats for your family your grocery bill may cost a lot more compared to someone who isn’t buying a lot of treats.

How To Keep The Cost Of A Vegetarian Diet Low

There are things that you can do to help keep the cost of your vegetarian diet low.

  • Plan meals around pantry staples
  • Make your meals at home
  • Use less expensive ingredients
  • Use foods that can stretch a meal like pasta, rice, and bread
  • Buy less prepared products
  • Limit dairy products
  • Watch the amount of treats you are buying
  • Meal Plan (with simple meals)
  • Buy what you will eat
  • Bake bread and treats

Final Thoughts

We live in a day and age where food is expensive and seems to be getting more expensive by the day.

A vegetarian diet will be less expensive when compared to other diets but, you can easily go overboard with premade foods and high-cost ingredients that will drastically increase your grocery bull over time.

Trying to go back to the basics of simple ingredients and simple family meals that you love can be an easy way to reduce your grocery expenses.

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