How Are Dunkin Donuts Made

How Are Dunkin Donuts Cooked (Quick Facts)

Dunkin Donuts are extremely popular, especially with a big cup of coffee but, how are Dunkin Donuts made?

How Are Dunkin Donuts Prepared

Dunkin Donuts go through a pretty lengthy process before you even get to enjoy these classic sweet treats.

These days many of these steps are done on a massive scale at a centralized bakery.

If you were to follow a Dunkin Donut from start to finish this is what you would see.

Preparation And Mixing

All the ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, milk butter, yeast, and flavorings are gathered and combined into the perfect ratio to create the donut batter.

Kneading And Proofing

The dough is then transferred into the proofing stage where it is placed on a floured surface or vessel and covered to allow the dough to rise and proof.

This is where gluten is formed in the dough, the amount of time needed will vary from donut to donut.

If the donut is a cake donut the proofing stage is not needed.


After proofing, if needed the dough is rolled out to around 1/2″ to 3/4″.

Donut cutters are used to cut the dough into the perfect donut shape.


The frying oil which is palm or palm kernel oil at this point in time is heated between 350°F to 375°F (175°C to 190°C).

The donuts are carefully lowered into the hot oil and fried for a few minutes until each side is perfectly golden brown.

The donuts are removed and will sit until they cool down and the excess oil has drained off of them.

Glazing And Toppings

Once cooled the donuts will be dipped into various glazes like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and maple.

Some donuts will be dusted in powdered sugar and others will also be filled.

Cooling And Packaging

The donuts with rest to allow for the glazes and topping to set before displaying and packaging.

Have Dunkin Donuts Always Been Fried

Classic Dunkin Donuts have always been deep fried to give that perfect golden crisp on the outside and soft on the inside texture.

How Can You Tell If A Donut Is Baked Or Fried

Distinguishing between a baked donut and a fried donut can sometimes be challenging, especially if they are glazed or covered with toppings.

However, there are a few visual and textural cues that can help you identify the cooking method:

  1. Appearance:
    • Fried Donuts: Typically, fried donuts have a golden-brown and crispy exterior. They might have slightly uneven textures due to the frying process, with a darker color on the outer edges.
    • Baked Donuts: Baked donuts often have a lighter and more uniform appearance. They might be slightly paler in color compared to fried donuts.
  2. Texture:
    • Fried Donuts: When you bite into a fried donut, you’ll notice a crunchy and crispy texture on the outside, with a soft and tender interior.
    • Baked Donuts: Baked donuts tend to have a cake-like texture throughout, which can be more consistent from the outside to the center.
  3. Grease:
    • Fried Donuts: Since fried donuts are cooked in oil, they might have a slight grease residue on the surface, especially if they haven’t been adequately drained after frying.
    • Baked Donuts: Baked donuts do not have the same oily residue since they are not cooked in oil.
  4. Shape:
    • Fried Donuts: Traditional fried donuts usually have a round shape with a hole in the center (ring-shaped). Some may be filled with cream or jelly, but they still have the characteristic ring shape.
    • Baked Donuts: Baked donuts can come in various shapes, including traditional round with a hole, but they are also commonly made in molds that give them different shapes, such as a solid round donut without a hole or even square donuts.
  5. Weight:
    • Fried Donuts: Due to the absorption of oil during frying, fried donuts tend to be slightly heavier than their baked counterparts.
    • Baked Donuts: Baked donuts are generally lighter since they do not absorb oil during cooking.
  6. Labeling or Menu Description:
    • When in doubt, you can also look for labeling or menu descriptions that specify whether the donut is fried or baked.

Are Dunkin Donuts Cooked Fresh

Dunkin Donuts are always prepared fresh daily but, there is some information stating that some donuts may have been previously flash frozen and then thawed and baked or fried.

The finished touches are always done on the day the donuts are sold.