Dunkin Donuts Refill

Can You Get Free Refills At Dunkin

We all love a great cup of coffee but, is it possible to get free refills at Dunkin?

Dunkin Donuts Refill Policy

Dunkin often does not offer free refills but, in some cases, you may receive in-store free refills on selected items like hot coffee, iced coffee, and iced tea.

How Can I Get Free Refills At Dunkin

If your location allows free refills you must remain inside the Dunkin location after your original purchase.

You can not leave the store and come back for a free refill.

Can I Get A Refill At A Dunkin Drive-Thru

Dunkin does not give refills through the drive-thru, you would need to have purchased your original beverage inside the store.

Refills With DD Rewards

Dunkin Donuts does have a rewards program available to its loyal customers.

You can earn points by purchasing Dunkin products and then exchange those points for free products including free coffee.

The program is everchanging but, at this moment you will earn 10-12 points for each $1.00 that you spend at Dunkin.

Once you reach 500 points you can exchange them for a free regular coffee.

You will need to earn more points for premium coffees like cold brew or lattes.

The rewards program at Dunkin also provides additional members-only exclusives as well as days that you can earn more points for each dollar spent.

Discounted Refills At Dunkin

Does Dunkin have discounted refills?

At many locations, you can get a discounted price for your regular coffee or tea if you use your own travel mug.

Depending on your location the price may be a flat $.99 or you can receive up to a $.50 discount on your cup of coffee.

Is There A Discount For Using A Reusable Cup At Dunkin

If you provide your own travel mug at Dunkin Donuts you will often receive a discount on your coffee up to $.50.