Dunkin Donuts No ICe

Can You Ask For No Ice At Dunkin Donuts

One common question among Dunkin Donuts or Dunkin customers is whether they can customize their drink to the extent of having an iced drink without ice.

In this article, I answer these questions as well as give tips to order your iceless drink and why ordering your Dunkin beverage may be a good option for you.

Can I Order My Drink Without Ice At Dunkin

You can place your order for a cold coffee, tea, or refreshers at Dunkin Donuts without ice.

Frozen or cold blended drinks are not available without ice since the ice is blended into the drink.

You do need to be aware that the temperature of the drink, as well as the ratio of drink base (coffee) to cream and sugar ratio, may be off.

You may need to test out the formula to get the perfect-tasting coffee without ice.

How Do I Ask For Less Ice At Dunkin

It can often be challenging when you are ordering a custom order, especially when you are going through the drive-thru.

To ask for less ice in your drink at Dunkin’, you can use a polite and clear manner to ensure your order is accurately completed. Here’s a simple way to make the request:

  1. Be Polite: Start by being courteous and friendly to the staff when placing your order.
  2. Specify Your Drink: Clearly state the name of the drink you want to order. For example, “I’d like a medium iced coffee, please.”
  3. Request Less Ice: After stating your drink choice, ask for less ice politely. You can say, “Could I get that with light ice, please?” or “Can I have less ice in my drink, please?”
  4. Confirm Your Order: Once you’ve made your request, double-check that the rest of your order is accurate. For instance, you might say, “Just to confirm, a medium iced coffee with light ice.”

By using this approach, the Dunkin’ staff should understand your preference for less ice, and they will prepare your drink accordingly.

Can You Get Light Ice At Dunkin

You can ask for light ice at Dunkin, if you do not want to go all in with no ice in your drink.

You do need to be aware that everyone’s perception of “less ice” could be very different.

You may end up with very little ice to an amount that appears very close to the regular amount of ice.

Can I Order Ice On The Side At Dunkin

You can request that your ice is on the side at Dunkin.

There is mixed information on how each location will handle this request.

It is possible that some Dunkin locations will charge you extra for a cup of ice even though, you placed an order for a beverage.

Can You Get Iced Coffee Without Ice At Dunkin

You can order an iced coffee at Dunkin without the ice in it.

The temperature of the coffee as well as the ratio of flavor to the add-ins like milk and sugar may be different than you would normally expect.

Can I Get Cold Brew At Dunkin Without Ice

You can order your cold brew from Dunkin without ice or with less ice.

Can I Get Iced Tea At Dunkin Without Ice

You can order your Iced Tea at Dunkin Donuts without Ice, the temperature may be significantly warmer than you would normally expect since the Iced Tea is kept in containers that sit on the counter.

How Much Ice Comes In A Drink At Dunkin

It is shocking to discover that half to more than half of the cup at Dunkin will be filled with ice.

Essentially you are receiving half of what would normally fill up the cup.

Will Iced Coffee Or Cold Brew Without Ice At Dunkin Be Cold

If you order Iced Coffee or Cold Brew without ice at Dunkin it will be cold because it is kept in a cooler.

Once you receive your iceless beverage, it will start to warm up and won’t be kept cool unless you place it in a fridge or add ice in a separate cup.

A thermos that keeps beverages cold is another option.

Why Should You Order Your Drink Without Ice At Dunkin

The main reasons why you would want to order your drink at Dunkin without ice is the value that you get.

When you order a beverage without ice you are not getting any of the filler that ice takes up, you are getting 100% of the beverage you ordered.

Another reason that people may want to order their drinks without ice is that they plan on enjoying some of it later.

Once the ice melts it dilutes the beverage.

Many people will purchase straight cold brew and place it in their fridge to enjoy more than once.