Why Are Chick FIl A Fries Soggy

Why Are Chick Fil A Fries So Soggy (Quick Facts)

Chick FIl A is extremely popular, especially the crispy waffle fries, but, why are the fries at Chick fil soggy?

Why Are My Chick Fil A Fries Soggy

Chick Fil A French Fries are cooked at an extremely hot temperature, as the fries start to cool the starches within the fries change and secrete moisture.

Once that moisture gets to the crispy outer layer of the french fry it becomes soggy.

Why Are My Chick FIl A Fries Soggy When They Are Delivered

The time that it takes to deliver your Chick Fil Fries allows for the steam and moisture within the french fries to get to the crispy outer layer and cause sogginess.

Another cause of soggy french fries when delivered is that the fries are placed in a bag that doesn’t breathe well, to begin with.

You’ll often have other food items or napkins placed on top of the fries, this doesn’t allow any of the steam to escape causing soggy fries.

How Do You Keep Chick Fil A Fries From Getting Soggy

Unfortunately, there isn’t much that you can do to avoid Chick Fil A Fries from getting soggy.

The best way to avoid soggy fries will always be to consume them fresh out of the fryer.

  • Eating your fries right after they are prepared
  • Ask for your fries to be bagged separately
  • Make sure you do not have any food or napkins on top of your fries
Why Are Chick FIl A Fries Soggy

Can You Get Chick Fil A Fries Crispy

Waffle Fries like the ones available at Chick Fil A can often withstand extra fry time making them extra crispy and less susceptible to getting soggy.

At some Chick Fil A locations, it is possible to have your french fries double or triple fried whereas other locations will not allow this service.

Why Does Chick Fil A Not Do Well-Done Fries

It ultimately depends on each individual location and the management whether they are offering double and triple frying of their Chick FIl A French Fries.

Some of the reasons why your local Chick Fil A may not allow well-done french fries include.

  • Time Efficiency
  • Quality Control

Frying the french fries for a longer period of time isn’t as efficient as consistently frying for the same amount of time.

Chick FIl A often gets very busy which doesn’t create a perfect environment for an order to take additional time.

The other concern is making sure the quality of each french fry and the order overall is consistent.

This becomes challenging when you are frying them for additional time.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, due to the nature of fried potatoes and the process of cooling down, they tend to get soggy.

The moisture within the potatoes seeps out into the crispy fried outer layer making it soggy and sometimes wet.

The best way to enjoy crispy fries is to eat them shortly after they have been fried.

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