where can I buy mcdonald's sausage patties

Where Can I Buy Sausage Patties Like McDonald’s (Sausage Patty Info)

Are you a big fan of McDonald’s distinct and flavorful sausage patties and want to know where you can get them?

In the article, I provide who makes McDonald’s sausage patties and where you can get some just like it.

Where Can I Buy McDonald’s Sausage Patties

The sausage pattie used at McDonald’s is a custom blend that is created exclusively for McDonald’s by Lopez Foods.

Lopez foods also provide McDonald’s burger patties.

If you are interested in purchasing McDonald’s sausage patties you will need to locate a similar product at your local store.

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Where Does McDonald’s Get There Sausage Patties

The sausage patties at McDonald’s are provided by Lopez Foods.

Can I Buy McDonald’s Sausage Patties In Grocery Stores

Lopez foods do not sell McDonald’s sausage patties in grocery stores but, there are plenty of restaurant-style sausage patties that are similar to Mcdonald’s.

Look for a round sandwich-sized patty that is fairly thin, many brands also include the words “restaurant-style on the box”.

I’ve provided a list of similar brands and options down below.

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What Brand Of Sausage Does McDonald’s Use

McDonald’s uses a custom blend of sausage for their patties that is provided by Lopez Foods.

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Is McDonald’s Sausage Real

The sausage used at McDonald’s is real sausage that contains meat, water, rosemary, and other spices and flavorings.

What Meat Is McDonald’s Sausage

McDonald’s sausage is made with pork meat.

where does mcdonalds get their sausage patties

What Brand Of Sausage Patties Are Like McDonald’s

There are many brands of sausages but, some are very similar to the patties you get at McDonald’s.

What Sausage Patty Is Most Like McDonald’s

The Smithfield Marketplace Restaurant Style Sausage Patties are very similar to the sausage patties you will find at McDonald’s.

These pork patties are also flash-frozen like the ones at McDonald’s and shipped with dry ice for freshness.

Are There Vegetarian Sausage Patties Like McDonald’s

There are many vegetarian sausage options that are similar to McDonald’s.

Are There Any Vegan Sausage Patties Like McDonald’s

There are many vegan sausage patties that are similar to McDonald’s including Beyond Sausage Plant-Based Patties and Field Roast Sausage Patties.

All of the vegetarian sausage patties listed above are vegan as well.

What Brands Make Sandwich Size Sausage Patties

Many of your favorite brands make round sausage patties that are perfect for sandwiches.

  • Smithfield
  • Jimmy Dean
  • Johnsonville
  • Beyond Meat
  • Impossible Foods
  • Morningstar Farms

What Menu Items At McDonald’s Contain Sausage Patties

McDonald’s has a nice selection of breakfast options that contain their sausage patties.

  • McDonald’s Hotcakes & Sausage
  • McGriddles with Sausage
  • Sausage McMuffin
  • Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles
  • Sausage Biscuit Sandwich
  • Sausage Burrito

Final Thoughts

When you find food that you love from a restaurant it can make you want to buy it to enjoy at home.

May products like the sausage patties at McDonald’s are produced exclusively for restaurant service only.

Luckily, there are many other substitutes available at your local grocery store that is often just as good.

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