best vegetarian options at five guys

What Are The Best Vegetarian And Vegan Options At Five Guys

Five Guys is a classic and simple burger, fries and milkshake restaurant that make deliciously fresh food but, what can vegetarians and vegan eat at Five Guys?

Vegetarians have more options at Five Guys compared to vegans with a choice of two sandwiches, fries two ways and create you own milkshakes. Vegans on the other hand are limited to fries, veggie sandwiches bun free, peanuts and fountain beverages.

Can Vegetarians Eat At Five Guys

Vegetarians can eat at Five Guys with a choice of sandwiches, french fries, and classic milkshakes.

Can Vegan Eat At Five Guys

Vegans can grab some of the most delicious french fries at Five Guys but, that is almost all of the vegan choices.

Is It Easy To Order As A Vegetarian At Five Guys

Placing an order as a vegetarian at Five Guys is very easy, the menu is a short and simple collection of burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

It’s easy to locate the vegetarian options.

Does Five Guys Have A Vegetarian Menu

Five Guys does not have a vegetarian menu, its main menu has the vegetarian-friendly options listed on it.

Vegetarian Options At Five Guys

  • Veggie Sandwich
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Five Guys Style Fries
  • Cajun Fries
  • Milkshakes
  • Fountain Sodas
  • Peanuts

Vegan Options At Five Guys

  • Veggie Sandwich (wrapped in lettuce)
  • Five Guys Style French Fries
  • Cajun Fries
  • Fountain Soda
  • Peanuts

Best Vegetarian Options At Five Guys

The best vegetarian options at Five Guys are the Veggie Sandwich, Five Guys Style French Fries and a Classic Vanilla MIlkshake.

Best Vegan Options At Five Guys

The best vegan option at Five Guys are the Five Guys Style French Fries.

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Does Five Guys Serve Breakfast

Although a Five Guys Breakfast Sandwich or Egg Topped Veggie Burger sounds like a delicious breakfast option, unfortunately, Five Guys does not currently serve breakfast.

Does Five Guys Have A Veggie Burger

I wish Five Guys had a special veggie burger that was made just for its customers but, currently, Five Guys does not offer a veggie burger.

Vegetarians can choose from two vegetarian-friendly sandwiches that include a veggie sandwich and a grilled cheese sandwich.

What Is In The Veggie Sandwich At Five Guys

The veggie sandwich at Five Guys comes with your choice of toppings all on a warm bun.

Your topping options include.

  • Lettuce
  • Pickles
  • Tomatoes
  • Raw Onions
  • Grilled Onions
  • Grilled Mushrooms
  • Green Peppers
  • Jalepeno Peppers
  • Ketchup
  • Mustard
  • Mayo
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Hot Sauce
  • A1 Sauce
  • Mayo
best vegan options at five guys

Are The Burger Buns At Five Guys Vegan

Unfortunately, the burger buns at Five Guys are not vegan since they contain both milk and eggs.

Vegan can enjoy a veggie sandwich but, it will need to be loose or in a lettuce wrap.

Are The Vegetables Cooked On The Same Grill As The Burgers

The grilled vegetables are cooked on the same surface as the meat burgers.

The burgers and vegetables will be cooked in different areas of the grill but, cross-contamination is a possibility.

It is something to consider if that is a concern to you.

Is The Veggie Sandwich At Five Guys Good

The veggie sandwich at Five Guys is a good option if you happen to be there and you are hungry.

I would much prefer a veggie burger any day.

One of my favorite veggie burger options can be found at BurgerFi.

What Is The Cheese Sandwich At Five Guys

Just like it says the cheese sandwich is a classic grilled chees sandwich prepared on the grill top.

Beware this chees sandwich is also prepared alongside meat burgers.

Does Five Guys Have A Beyond Burger

At this time Five Guys do not offer a Beyond Burger to its customers.

Does Five Guys Have An Impossible Burger

Five Guys does not have an Impossible Burger on the menu at this time.

What Does Five Guys Have For Vegetarian Sides

As a vegetarian, if you are going to Five Guys, you are going for the Fries.

Five Guys makes some of the best French Fries around.

They take authentic real whole potatoes (they will even note where those potatoes are from on a board that is displayed for all to see) cut them and fry them.

You can order your French Fries in the classic Five Guys Style or Cajun with a bit of spice.

Does Five Guys Have Onion Rings

Five Guys is known for their fries, they currently have not added onion rings to the menu.

Are Five Guys Fries Vegan

Vegans can enjoy the delicious french fries at Five Guys since they are vegan-friendly.

Does Five Guys Have Salads

Five Guys does not have salads but, you could create your own by placing an order for a veggie sandwich without the bun.

Does Five Guys Have Kids Meals

Five Guys does not have kids meals, you will need to share with the kids (the french fry orders are sharable) or order their own.

Does Five Guys Have Vegetarian Desserts

Besides burgers and fries, Five Guys is known for its classic and thick milkshakes.

A milkshake at Five Guys starts with vanilla Ice Cream that you can customize.

You can select from a variety of vegetarian mixins including.

  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Chocolate
  • Malted Milk
  • Oreo Cookie Pieces
  • Peanut Butter
  • Salted Caramel

Are Any Of The Desserts At Five Guys Vegan

Unfortunately, besides some of the milkshake mix-ins like bananas and strawberries, none of the desserts at Five Guys are vegan.

Does Five Guys Have Dairy Free Milkshakes

Five Guys does not offer its customers dairy-free milkshakes.

What Type Of Oil Does Five Guys Use

Five Guys uses 100% peanut oil to prepare their crispy french fries.

While this is absolutely delicious, Five Guys should be avoided by anyone that is sensitive to peanuts or has a peanut allergy.

Besides, peanut oil is used to book the food, free whole shelled peanuts are greeting you at the door in oversized boxes for you to enjoy.

There is no way for anyone to go to Five Guys and avoid peanut exposure.

Will Five Guys Have More Vegetarian Options In The Future

Five Guys has won numerous awards for its classic burger and fries offerings.

Making it hard to make changes and break out of a mold that is succeeding as is.

It would be nice if they added a vegan or vegetarian burger to the menu plus a vegan and dairy-free milkshake.

I’m not sure if this will happen any time soon.

Is Five Guys Vegetarian Friendly

Five Guys is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant where vegetarians have a choice of two sandwiches, yummy french fries, and numerous milkshakes.

Is Five Guys Vegan Friendly

Five Guys is not vegan friendly leaving vegans with little choices that include a veggie sandwich in a lettuce wrap.

On the bright side, the French Fries are vegan and are some of the best out there.

Final Thoughts

Five Guys fries are really something to try.

Between the freshness of the potatoes being perfectly fried and the classic malt vinegar and ketchup to dip them into.

For me, Five Guys is more of a place to go and share some fries and milkshakes with your friends or family.

I wouldn’t go there as a vegetarian looking for a full meal.

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