Is Oatmeal Crisp Vegan

Is Oatmeal Crisp Cereal Vegan (Quick Facts & Alternatives)

Oatmeal Crisp Cereal is full of flakes and crispy oat clusters but, is Oatmeal Crisp vegan?

Can Vegans Eat Oatmeal Crisp

Unfortunately, most vegans can not eat Oatmeal Crisp Cereal since it contains honey.

Luckily, there is some great vegan alternative that I have listed down below.

Why Wouldn’t Oatmeal Crisp Be Vegan

Oatmeal Crisp Cereal contains the following ingredients that are often considered not vegan-friendly.

  • White Sugar
  • Honey
  • Artificial Flavors

Why Isn’t White Sugar Vegan

White sugar is a controversial ingredient because it is often processed using bone char.

Bone char is used to bleach or whiten the sugar granules.

They say that none of the bone char ends up in the sugar but, the use of animal products is concerning for vegans making the end product off-limits.

You can avoid sugar processed with bone char by only using raw cane sugar, organic white sugar, or products that contain these ingredients.

Why Isn’t Honey Vegan

Honey is a food created by honey bees for consumption by honey bees.

Most vegans are not ok with taking honey from the bees for human consumption.

Why Aren’t Artificial Flavors Vegan

Artificial Flavors are often tested out on animals.

Most vegans are not ok with consuming ingredients and using products that use animal testing.

Does Oatmeal Crisp Contain Honey

Oatmeal Crisp does contain honey.

Does Oatmeal Crisp Contain Eggs

Oatmeal Crisp does not contain eggs or egg whites.

Does Oatmeal Crisp Contain Dairy

Oatmeal Crisp does not contain dairy.

Does Oatmeal Crisp Contain Gelatin

Oatmeal Crisp does not contain gelatin.

Is Oatmeal Crisp Vegan

What Ingredients Are In Oatmeal Crisp

You will find the following ingredients in a box of Oatmeal Crisp Cereal.

Whole Grain Oats, Whole Grain Wheat, Sugar, Almond Pieces, Corn Syrup, Brown Sugar Syrup, Brown Sugar, Salt, Oat Flour, Rice Flour, Honey, Cinnamon, Baking Soda, Artificial Flavor, Color Added. Vitamin E (mixed tocopherols) and BHT 

Iron (a mineral nutrient), Calcium Carbonate, A B Vitamins (niacinamide), A B Vitamin (calcium pantothenate), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), A B Vitamin (folic acid).

Vegan Alternative To Oatmeal Crisp Cereal

  • Natures Path Maple Pecan Crunch
  • Natures Path Crunchy Vanilla

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, Oatmeal Crisp is not a vegan-friendly cereal since it contains honey, white sugar, and artificial flavors.

Luckily there are some great alternatives to try like the ones noted above from Nature’s Path.

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