Is Miracle Whip Vegan

Is Miracle Whip Vegan (Quick Facts)

Most people are either team Miracle Whip or Team Mayonaise but, is Miracle Whip vegan-friendly?

Miracle Whip is not vegan due to containing eggs which are avoided by those following a vegan diet. In addition to eggs Miracle Whip contains a controversial ingredient that many vegans also choose to eliminate from their diets.

Can Vegans Eat Miracle Whip

Unfortunately, vegans can not eat Miracle Whip since it contains not-vegan ingredients.

Why Wouldn’t Miracle Whip Be Vegan

Mayonaise and other sandwich spreads like Miracle Whip often contain animal products like eggs making them not vegan.

Besides the obvious non-vegan ingredients you will also find sugar in Miracle Whip.

Regualr white sugar is often avoided by vegans because it can be processed using bone char.

Does Miracle Whip Contain Eggs

All Miracle Whip flavors contain eggs or egg yolks.

Does Miracle Whip Contain Dairy

Miracle Whip does not contain any dairy products.

Miracle Whip does contain eggs which is technically not a dairy product.

What Ingredients Are In Miracle Whip

Classic Miracle Whip contains the following ingredients.


Is Light Miracle Whip Vegan

Light Miracle Whip is also not vegan since it contains eggs.

Is Olive Oil Miracle Whip Vegan

Olive Oil Miracle Whip is not vegan since it contains egg yolks.

Is Miracle Whip Vegan

Are There Any Vegan Miracle Whip Alternatives

Miracle Whip is a very unique condiment and is very hard to duplicate.

There are some great vegan spreads available that you can enjoy instead.

Best Foods Vegan Spread

Best Foods Vegan Spread is a great duplicate for traditional mayo.

You will not have the tangy zip with Best Foods that you expect out of Miracle Whip.

Choosen Foods Vegan Mayo

Choosen Foods Vegan Mayo is another great option that is a little sweeter in flavor compared to classic mayonnaise.

This may be a great option for those that enjoy Miracle Whip.

Sir Kensingtons Vegan Mayo

Sir Kensingtons is another vegan mayonnaise option that has rave reviews.

Only Plant Based Mayo

Only Plant Based Mayo offers a delicious selection of vegan mayonaise options from classic mayo to a spicy chipotle mayo.

Final Thoughts

Miracle Whip is a unique sandwich spread that is very similar to mayonnaise but, has some extra kick and flavor.

Unfortunately, Miracle Whip is not vegan-friendly because it contains eggs.

In addition to eggs, Miracle Whip contains regular sugar which is often avoided by vegans due to being processed with bone char.

There may not be an exact vegan subsututire for Miricle Whip but, there are some delious options that you can try.

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