is it possible for vegetarians to raise carnivorous pets

Is It Possible To Raise Carnivorous Animals As A Vegetarian

You are a vegetarian or a vegan and wonder if it’s possible to have a carnivorous pet.

Raising a carnivorous pet as a vegetarian or vegan can bring up ethical and moral issues for you to consider. It is possible to have carnivorous animals and for both to thrive and live happily. Luckily, if that is not what is best for you there are also many vegetarian pets to choose from.

Can Carnivorous Animals Survive On A Vegetarian Diet

True carnivores can not thrive or survive on a vegetarian diet.

Omnivores on the other hand are able to digest foods better and absorb more nutrients from plant-based foods making it possible for an omnivore to be vegetarian.

Why Are Some Of The Most Common House Pets Carnivores

Some of our most common house pets like dogs, cats, and ferrets are carnivores.

All three of these animals did not start out as house pets, instead, they were wild and became more domesticated over time.

Dogs are decedents of wild wolves. Originally wolves started hanging around human camps due to the easy access of human trash and scraps for food.

Over time, the wolves become closer to humans and humans saw a use for these “domesticated” wolves.

The first domesticated dogs assisted humans in hunting, sled pulling, and alerting them to dangers.

Cats and ferrets have a similar story where they started hanging out in horse and cattle barns hunting rodents.

Humans were happy to have them around and started to care for them.

With dogs, cats, and ferrets with time, they have shifted from less of a working role to sole companions.

We now have dogs, cats, and ferrets living in our homes as companions.

Which Pets Eat Meat

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Snakes
  • Fish (bettas, tetras, oscars)

Are There Any Vegetarian Pets

  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Gerbils
  • Mice
  • Rats
  • Hamster
  • Chinchillas
  • Iguana
  • Birds
  • Turtles
  • Fish (mollies, guppies)
  • Goats
  • Alpacas
why are some of the most common house pets carnivores

Is It Hard Being A Vegetarian With Meat Eating Pets

Personally, It is not hard being a vegetarian with meat-eating pets.

We love our pets deeply and want them to thrive in life, which happens to include feeding them meat.

For others, they may feel differently and find it challenging having pets that eat meat.

Are You No Longer Vegetarian Or Vegan If You Pets Eat Meat

You are still a vegetarian or vegan if your pet consumes meat.

How you view that can differ, Being a vegetarian or vegan can mean different things to each person and household.

Some strict vegans may not be accepting of having a pet or having pets that consume meat where many are completely ok with it.

Is It Wrong For Vegans To Own Pets At All

It is a big debate whether it is ok for a vegan to own a pet.

Many vegans are against owning pets because they believe it is not right to hold an animal in captivity.

It is a complicated issue that really depends on each person and family and what your beliefs are.

Personally, I have many pets in our family Pomeranians, cats, and many fish.

We adore our pets and consider them as members of our family. We dedicate ourselves and our resources to providing them the most filling life with the best care and an abundance of love.

How Do Vegetarians Feel About Carnivorous Animals

Vegetarians don’t often think about carnivorous animals unless they are handling their pet’s food.

Many vegetarians are open to and accept the fact that some animals eat meat.

How Do Vegans Feel About Carnivorous Animals

Vegans are often passionate about their beliefs and lifestyle, choosing not to consume or use any products that are harmful to animals.

Vegans have the choice to eat or not eat animal products and live a healthy life.

True carnivores do not have the same choice and must consume meat in order to survive.

For most vegans the act of consuming meat in order to survive is acceptable.

Meaning, that most vegans can accept that carnivorous creatures need to kill animals and eat meat for survival.

Do Vegans Allow Their Pets To Eat Meat

It depends from person to person if a vegan will allow their pets to eat meat.

Many vegans will either select pets that do not eat meat, convert their pet to a vegan diet or reluctantly feed their pet meat products.

Should You Raise Your Pet As A Vegetarian

Deciding if you should raise your pet as a vegetarian is a tough choice that should include the consultation of your vet.

Although, some pets may be able to survive off of a vegetarian diet it may not be what is best suited for that animal.

Keeping your pet’s best interests as the focus should help you determine if you should raise your pet as a vegetarian or not.

What Should You Feed Your Pet As A Vegetarain Or Vegan

Vegetarian and vegan pets enjoy a large variety of foods including fruits, vegetables, grains, eggs, fortified pet foods, and treats.

Should You Choose A Non-Carnivorous Pet

If it would go against your personal feelings and beliefs by having a pet that is a carnivore or omnivore you should consider having a vegetarian pet instead.

can carnivorous animals survive on a vegetarian diet

Are Dogs Carnivores Or Omnivores

Dogs are omnivores that can survive off of both animal and plant-based foods.

Can Dogs Be Vegetarian

Dogs can be vegetarians. A dog’s digestive system is fully capable of absorbing enough nutrients from fruits, vegetables, grains, and eggs.

Can Dogs Be Vegan

Just like a dog can survive and thrive as a vegetarian, they can also eat a vegan diet.

Can All Dogs Be Vegan

Not every dog will thrive on a vegan diet and should be monitored closely by your vet.

What Do Vegetarian Dogs Eat

Many vegetarian dogs can thrive eating eggs, vegetables, grains, and fortified foods.

It’s best to speak with your vet when selecting the best diet for your dog.

Is It Cruel To Feed A Dog A Vegan Diet

It is not cruel to feed a dog a vegan diet as long as it’s receiving a nutritionally complete diet.

Dogs need a variety of nutrients similar to humans like taurine, amino acids, protein, arginine, lysine, valine, and fats.

If you are considering feeding your dog a vegan diet, please speak with your vet about this option.

Your vet is likely to test your dog’s blood and recommend an AAFCO approved dog food if it will suit your dog.

Do Vegan Dogs Live Longer

The longest living dog was a vegan if that can tell us anything.

Many vegan dogs can live long healthy lives that are often longer when compared to those that eat meat.

Are Cats Carnivores Or Omnivores

Cats are obligate Carnivores that require meat for survival.

Can Cats Be Vegetarian

Cats can not be vegetarians due to an extremely short digestive system a cat would not be able to extract enough nutrients to thrive or survive on a vegetarian diet.

Can Cats Be Vegan

Cats can not be vegan.

Felines are completely meat-eaters. As a species, they have not adapted to a diet the excludes meat and animal products.

A cat’s digestive system can not handle a diet that does not include meat.

Cats have very short intestines making it impossible for a cat to absorb any nutrients from vegetables and grains.

Do Vegan Cats Live Longer

It is extremely frowned upon for a cat to be vegan.

A vegan cat will suffer nutritional deficiencies and develop many health issues.

One of the most common deficiencies in cats that do not eat meat is a taurine deficiency that can lead to blindness, muscle problems, and heart conditions.

A vegan cat will not live longer than a meat-eating cat.

Is It Cruel To Feed A Cat A Vegan Diet

Due to the incredible negative health implications of feeding a cat a vegan diet, one can assume that is cruel to feed your cat a vegan diet.

Are Ferrets Carnivores, Omnivores, Or Herbavores

Ferrets are obligate carnivores that need meat for survival.

A ferret may consume some plant matter but, it is usually on consumed as part of a meat-filled meal.

Are Hedgehogs Carnivores, Omnivores, Or Herbivores

Hedgehogs are considered obligate carnivores meaning they consume meat, insects, plants, and other matter.

The digestive tract of hedgehogs is very short similar to cats and ferrets making it nearly impossible for a hedgehog to get any nutrients from a plant-based diet.

Are Frogs Carnivores Or Omnivores

Amphibians like frogs and toads are carnivores eating many insects and small fish, frogs do not consume any plant life.

What Reptiles Can Be Vegetarians

Many lizards and tortoises are vegetarians that can make wonderful pets in a home that is looking for a vegetarian pet.

  • Turtles
  • Iguanas
  • Chuckwalla
  • Spiney Tailed Lizard
  • Moneky Tailed Skink
  • Gargoyle Gecko
  • Black and White Tegu

Can I Feed My Snake A Vegan Diet

It would be impossible for a snake to survive on a vegan diet.

Are Mice Herbivores Or Omnivores

Mice are actually omnivores meaning they can survive on plants or meat.

Most mice and rats will eat anything they can to survive that’s why we often find them in our trash and trying to get inside our homes.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have meat-eating pets or if you prefer vegetarian pets is completely up to you.

I suggest looking inwards to your own beliefs and feelings and considering what is best for your pets when deciding.

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