Does Panda Express Have A Drive Thru

Does Panda Express Have A Drive-Thru

Panda Express is known for its fast service of Chinese food but, does Panda Express have a drive-thru?

Do Panda Express Restaurants Have Drive-Thrus

Panda Express focuses on delicious Chinese food that is served in a fast-food style, many Panda Express locations now have drive-thrus available for quick service.

Do All Panda Express Locations Have A Drive-Thru

Not all Panda Express locations have a drive-thru available for its customers.

Why Wouldn’t A Panda Express Have A Drive-Thru?

Some locations may not have a drive-thru because they are located inside a mall, an express location, or due to local ordinances that do not allow drive-thru restaurants.

Most of the newer locations that have been opened in the past ten years have a drive-thru.

Where Is There A Panda Express Drive-Thru

It can be hard to determine exactly where the Panda Express Drive locations are located.

The best way to find a Panda Express location near you is to locate the closest Panda Express using the location finder and contact them to confirm if they have a drive-thru or not.

When Did Panda Express Open Its First Drive-Thru

Panda Express opened its first drive-thru location in 1997.

Do All Panda Express Locations have drive thrus

Can You Order Any Menu Item At A Panda Express Drive-Thru

You can order any of the menu items available at Panda Express through the drive-thru.

Does Panda Express Give Free Samples At The Drive-Thru

Panda Express used to provide samples of their food often on a toothpick through the drive-thru.

Due to health concerns in 2020, Panda Express stopped giving out free samples.

You may find some locations that will still provide their customers free samples but, it is best to assume that this perk has been eliminated.

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Are Panda Express Drive-Thrus Fast

Panda Express strives for the fastest service possible.

Each drive-thru window has a monitor with a ticker that indicates how long each customer has been waiting.

The goal of most locations is to spend no longer than three and a half minutes per customer.

Do Any Other Chinese Restaurants Have Drive-Thrus

In my area, there are other locally owned Chinese restaurants that have drive-thrus available, the same may or may not be true in your local area.

As far as chain restaurants are concerned within the Chinese food niche, Panda Express stands out on its own with its drive-thru availability.

Final Thoughts

Who would’ve thought that Chinese food would even enter into the realm of fast-food equipped with a drive-thru for quick service?

It has, with most Panda Express locations offering a drive-thru as the easiest and fastest way to grab Chinese take out or take away.

Unfortunately, not every Panda Express location offers drive-thru service due to the restaurant being located within a mall or express location that is located within another business.

Some older locations may have also been built without a drive-thru or do not have one due to local ordinances.

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