Does Chick Fil A Allow Tips

Does Chick Fil A Allow Tips (Quick Facts)

You’ve received great service from a Chick-Fil-A employee and would love to give them a tip but, are Chick Fil A employees allowed to take tips?

Are Chick Fil A Employees Allowed To Take Tips

Chick Fil A employees are not allowed to accept tips according to a corporate-wide policy.

Why Can’t Chick FIl A Employees Accept Tips

Chick Fil A has decided that their employees are not allowed to accept tips for a variety of reasons including the fact that the entire staff played a role in preparing and providing your food as well as a nice and clean environment to enjoy it.

Do Chick Fil A Drivers Get Tips

If your Chick Fil A order is delivered the driver will receive 100% of the amount that you have designated as a tip.

Delivery drivers are allowed to accept tips for the service that they are providing.

What Happens If You Tell A Chick Fil A Employee To Keep The Change

It will depend on each location what happens when you tell a Chick Fil A employee to “keep the change”.

In most cases, the employee will let you know that they are not allowed to accept any tips.

What Happens If You Hand A Chick FIl A Employee A Tip And Drive Off

If you hand a Chick FIl A employee a tip and drive off, that employee will need to speak with their manager to determine what will end up happening to that tip.

Each restaurant location may deal with it differently.

Does Chick fil A Allow Tips

Can You Tip At Chick Fil A Curbside

Chick Fil A employees that are working the curbside service are not allowed to accept tips.

Why Do Some Restaurants Not Allow Tipping

The compensation structure is very different for employees that are working for tips and those that are not.

Traditional waitstaff will make an hourly wage that is less than an employee that doesn’t receive tips.

Those that work in fast food restaurants are paid as employees that do not receive tips.

Should You Try To Tip Fast Food Employees

You should not try to tip fast food employees in most cases unless you are sure that it is allowed.

If not, it just places the employee in an uncomfortable position.

Do Tips Always Go To The Employees

In some cases, the tips will not always go to the employees.

Some restaurants have policies in place that state any tip needs to go to a charity.

Final Thoughts

You would love to reward great service with a tip but, unfortunately, most fast food restaurants like Chick Fil A do not allow their employees to receive tips.

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