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What Is Plant-Based Meat Made Of

What Is Plant-Based Meat Made Of?

There are two main players in the plant-based meat frenzy. Although meat alternatives have been around for years, nothing has come this close to mimicking the look, flavor, and texture of meat like Beyond Burger and Impossible burger has. With its magical ability to appear like meat it makes me […]

What is the Green Mediterranean Diet

What Is The Green Mediterranean Diet?

For decades the Mediterranean diet has been the gold standard of healthy diets found around the world. Recently a study was conducted comparing a new green Mediterranean diet to the traditional Mediterranean diet and a standard healthy diet. In this article, I breakdown the results of this study, define what […]

What Plant-Based Milk Has The Most Calcium

Which Plant-Based Milk Has The Most Calcium?

I’ve dived deep into the subject of plant-based milk specifically looking for which milk offers the most calcium. In this article, I share my results to which plant-based milk has the most calcium. Along with providing information on calcium, why we need it, and which ingredients we should be aware […]