Subway Menu Prices

Subway Menu Prices (2023)

Subway is one of the most popular fast-casual restaurants with its freshly baked bread and customizable build-your-own sub sandwiches. Besides being such a flexible choice for customers Subway is also fast, fairly healthy, and affordable. Let’s dig into the current pricing on all of the menu items at Subway. Sandwiches […]

Subway Breakfast

Subway Breakfast Guide

When you think of Subway breakfast may not be the first meal that comes to mind but, Subway offers a nice selection of breakfast options. Can I Have Subway For Breakfast Yes, Subway offers a great variety of breakfast options to enjoy including customizable breakfast wraps and flatbreads. Subway Breakfast […]

vegetarian and vegan options at Casey's

What Are The Best Vegetarian And Vegan Options At Casey’s

Casey’s is a great place for a quick stop but, what does Casey’s have for vegetarian and vegan options? Caseys offers a variety of quick meals and snacks that are vegetarian friendly including breakfast sandwiches, pastries, and create-your-own pizzas. Vegans, unfortunately, have a very limited selection. Can Vegetarians Eat At […]

Best vegetarian options at Houlihans

What Are The Best Vegetarian And Vegan Options At Houlihan’s

Houlihan’s is known for its delicious food and large selection of beverages but, what does Houlihan’s have for vegetarian and vegan options? Houlihan’s has a wonderful selection of vegetarian options including appetizers like their famous Shrooms and Firecracker Cauliflower. You will also find more than one veggie burger with classic […]