How Can I order Triple Meat At Chipotle

Can You Get Triple Meat At Chipotle (Quick Facts)

Chipotle has an abundant selection of meats and proteins but, for those who want an extra boost, can you order triple meat at Chipotle?

Can You Order More Meat At Chipotle

If your love meat and would like to have more in meals at Chipotle you are able to easily place your order for double meat.

How Do I Order Triple Meat At Chipotle

When you place your order at Chipotle, let them know that you want triple meat.

Some customers have been advised to not mention the request for additional meat until the employee has already put a scoop on your meal.

Doing this helps ensure that you received full serving sizes.

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How Much Does Triple Meat At Chipotle Cost

Triple meat at Chipolte can range from $5.60 to $8.80 for the additional meat.

Can I Get Double Meat At Chipotle

You can order your meal at Chipotle with double the meat, you have the option of selecting double the amount of one type of meat or two different types of meat.

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How Much Does Double Meat At Chipotle Cost

Currently ordering double meat will cost you anywhere from $2.80 to $4.40 extra depending on the type of meat that you have selected.

Can you get triple meat at Chipotle

Can You Get Multiple Types Of Meat At Chipotle

Many customers don’t realize that they can order two different types of meat with a regular order at Chipotle.

It’s been said by many that they usually end up with a larger portion of meat in their meal when they order two different types of meat.

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How Much Meat Comes With A Regular Chipotle Order

A regular order at Chipotle comes with a 4 oz scoop of meat.

How Much Meat Comes With A Double Meat Chipotle Order

A double meat order at Chipotle will come with two 4 oz scoops of meat.

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How Much Meat Comes With A Triple Meat Chipotle Order

A triple meat order at Chipotle comes with three 4 oz scoops of meat equalling 12 oz of meat.

Will You Always Get The Same Amount Of Meat At Chipolte

Even with scoops for serving that help control and regulate the amount of meat given, it can still fluctuate from location and each employee.

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Final Thoughts

If you love meat (even if you don’t there are plant-based sofritas), you can order as much as you want at Chipotle.

Many people are unaware that you can order two types of meat with a regular order at Chipotle without any additional fees.

If your want double or triple meat on your favorite Chipolte meal, you can get it with an additional fee.

Be aware that triple meat can add up to $10.00 in additional fees depending on the meats selected.

Many Chipolte customers have mentioned that it’s better to ask for the additional meat after you have received one scoop of meat already to help make sure you are shorted in your portion size.

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